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If you’re anything like us then your home is covered with piles of books. From the fireplace to the bedside table and even the kitchen! We love showing off our book collection so have gathered together 17 of our favourite bookcases and ways to display your favourite reads.

Attic Bookcase

If you’ve ever dreamed of whizzing up and down your bookshelf a la Belle in that iconic Disney library scene then there’s no doubt that in our mind that you’ve also tried to think of numerous ways to recreate that cavernous space in your own home. Sadly we’re not all blessed with the room, or the money, to do this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a slice for your own home.


This beautiful attic bookcase is big enough to warrant a sliding ladder; Disney soundtrack optional!


Two Stor(e)y

Not only are mezzanine floors incredibly chic, but they also provide the perfect two storey blank canvas for a real showstopper of a focal point. If, like us, you’ve got books piled up left, right, and centre, then this is the perfect opportunity to build the two- storey bookcase of your dreams.


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to pick their next read from this?


Frame It

The moment we saw this framed bookcase we fell head over heels in love! What better way to show off your collection than turning it in to a giant, interactive piece of artwork. We particularly love the contrast between the tarnished gold frame and the dark wood of the shelves. Recreating this look would be pretty easy, and would definitely be a talking point.


We’re just working out how we could fit a frame this big in our car…


Guitar Case

For those of us who have limited space then this upcycled guitar case bookcase might be the perfect solution for showing off your collection. French designer Elodie Flamant found this old case in Paris and transformed it in to a beautiful bookcase; lining the inside with the daily free newspaper and inserting metal rods to keep everything in order.


This would make the perfect songbook storage for a budding musician.


Piano Man

Another one for the music fanatics! If you’re ever faced with a free piano that’s seen better days (it happens, trust me!) then why not transform it in to a unique place to keep your books? Whilst it may viewed as instrumental sacrilege to some, others see it as an exquisite preservation of a stunning piano that was beyond repair.


Is anyone else eyeing up their relative’s beloved piano right now?


Bear Case

Can’t bear(!) the thought of showcasing your beloved books in a standard IKEA monstrosity? Then why not give the Iron Joe polar bear bookshelf a whirl? The 3D construction allows you to access books from all sides, not to mention that it would be hilarious to see your friends and family do a double take when they walk in the room.


We’re sorry for the earlier pun, we just couldn’t resist…


Stepping Up

Isn’t this every book-lovers’ dream? A staircase lined with bookshelves that leads up to your bedroom. Just imagine perching on the steps and picking your bedtime read, or descending in the morning and choosing what to read over breakfast. The brain-child of London-based Levitate Architects, we can’t help but daydream about one day filling our very own version in our own home!


Every day would start, and end, the right way with this savvy space-saving solution.


Safe and Organised

We can only wish that our landing was this organised! When Carol and her husband added a second floor to their home, she had the beautiful newel post and white pickets all picked out, but ended up with this gorgeous, and practical, bookshelf instead!


We love the idea of turning the landing in to a useful space, rather than a highway.


Secret Door

Okay, if you can stay with us long enough to get over the gorgeous colour of this wall then you’ll notice that the door is also cleverly disguised as a bookshelf. Scour Pinterest for easy to follow tutorials of how to make your own.


It’s like The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for grown-ups!


Nature Nook

There’s nothing more cosy than settling down in a specially created book nook. Snuggly cushions and well-thumbed pages; what more could you ask for? This window nook is a great way to make the most of some otherwise unloved space in your house. With a little modification, you could turn that huge wall around your feature window in to a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a comfy window seat.


Our new favourite reading spot, without a doubt!



If you struggle to make time for reading, then perhaps this clever bookcase will remind you to take a half hour out and settle down with one of your favourites.



Alphabet Case

Spell it out with these beautiful alphabet cubes from Saporiti. Stack them up to spell out your favourite phrases, names or dates. The options are endless!



Batman Bookcase

A real treat for Batman fans! Available in two versions, Classic Batman and The Dark Knight, this bookcase is made to order by Kuala Lumpur-based FictionFurniture. We could picture this on the wall of any man cave, kid’s room, study or lounge!



 America, America

Whilst we’re on the subject of uniquely-shaped bookcases, we couldn’t miss this eye-catching design! Shaped like the USA with the partitions acting as the borders between the states, this bookcase doubles as a piece of art too! To make it even more impressive, creator Andrei Saltykov also affixed 600 fairy lights which are positioned to represent the nation’s major cities.


Saltykov said he considered Russia and England before settling on America.


Mandala Bookshelf

Commissioned by lawyer Veronica for her apartment in Venezuela, this beautiful bookcase was inspired by a mandala; a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe.


We think it’s absolutely stunning! Why not create your own design for something totally unique to you?


Chair Case

Sit atop a throne of literature with this incredible luxury library bookcase chair. Made to order and available in a variety of different paint and fabric finishes you can customise your chair however you please!


We’d love one of these in every room of the house!


Oh, Christmas Tree

As book lovers, we can’t think of any better way to celebrate Christmas than with a tree made of books. You heard that right; a tree made of books! Add a string of twinkly lights and you’re good to go!



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