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There are a wide range of interior design tools available online from free downloadable software to web-based products. These tools can perform a huge variety of functions to help you with varying interior design projects. This could mean no more struggling to draw difficult plans, collecting images and creating mood boards, and even grappling with budgets. And the best part is, you don’t have to be an interior designer, or have a designer’s budget to use these tools, as they are built to be user-friendly.

We cover our top 10 free interior design tools and let you know their strengths, weaknesses and what they are best suited to, so you can find a tool that works for your project. Amongst the tools we found, there are floor planners that help you create real, detailed floor plans for your home, drag and drop tools that allow placing and purchasing of actual furniture, and even a tool that has the capacity to help you create a whole custom home! You can test out colours of paint, create shopping lists, virtually see what fits in difficult spaces, and even change your whole room by virtually knocking out or building walls.

Think of the fun you could have restyling a room in minutes! Many of these tools also have options to share your ideas on social media so if you’re not sure what works best you can always ask for advice from friends and family. With all these options, it saves a lot of time deciding on what will work and what won’t. Each tool works a little differently though, so you will want to decide which works best for your needs and choose the right one.

If you have a specific room to renovate and you like Ikea furniture, try Ikea planners. If you’re working on a big home project that requires detailed plans and collaborative efforts, try Floor Planner or Planner 5D. If you’d like to create shopping lists and buy the exact items you have placed in your ‘virtual’ room then go for HomeByMe, and for a quick and rough room layout change try Space Designer or Autodesk Homestyler. Whatever the size or the scope of your interior design project there’s sure to be something to help you plan effectively and efficiently.

Top 10 Free Interior Design Tools











We hope you have enjoyed learning about these exciting interior design tools and will enjoy giving them a try. Let us know how you get on! Are there any free interior design tools you’ve used for a home project that aren’t on the list? Leave us a comment to let us know why they should be included. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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