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Christmas is around the corner and we’ll soon be getting our Christmas decorations out of the attic. What our Christmas tree looks like is a big deal for some, and a lot of people put a huge amount of effort into making sure that their Christmas tree looks perfect. After all, our Christmas trees are up for a decent period of time.

We know that using a real Christmas tree isn’t for everyone, but if you’re considering buying a real tree this year, here are some of our tips on how to choose and care for your tree.

Why Choose a Real Christmas Tree?

Real Christmas trees

As time has gone on, and the popularity of using real Christmas trees is still at a high, we have started growing pine trees specifically for use as a Christmas tree. This means that there’s no deforestation caused by using these trees for decoration. In fact, using real Christmas trees actually helps our carbon footprint. Whether or not these trees are cut down, we have increased the number of pine trees that are grown, and this is purely down to our Christmas period. It’s estimated that millions of pine trees are planted every year, just to be used as Christmas trees – think of all that extra oxygen!

Although a fake Christmas tree will last you for many years to come, if you aren’t planning on keeping your real Christmas tree, you can turn it into compost so it doesn’t end up in landfills. Alternatively, you can buy a potted Christmas tree and care for it throughout the year so that it can be used again and again every year.

When debating a real tree over a fake one, you may also want to consider the magical process you’ll embark upon when picking out your tree. Choosing a real tree allows you to ‘make a day of it’. Fake Christmas trees are usually boxed up and ready to go. And while this is convenient, the process isn’t very festive. When choosing a real tree, you can get your loved ones involved; wrap up warm, get a hot drink and take a walk amongst the trees. It’s such a personal experience and one that you’re bound to love.

The realness of a Christmas tree also brings a much more festive vibe to your home. Although real trees require a lot more maintenance than a fake tree, the real pine and wood smells will fill your home with Christmas cheer. It’s this that draws some people back to having a real tree every year, as it just isn’t Christmas for some without the smell of a pine tree. 

How to Choose a Real Christmas Tree

Christmas tree branches

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree can be a little challenging. What Christmas tree is the best? What Christmas tree can you replant? Which Christmas tree sheds least? There are so many things to consider!

Mainly, the type of real Christmas tree that you choose will come down to your personal preference. But, there are some factors to consider;

What Christmas tree is the most fragrant?

A real Christmas will always be more fragrant than a fake one, but what Christmas tree smells the best? The most fragrant and, naturally, the most popular Christmas tree is the Balsam Fir. This tree is extremely durable with dark green, flat needles. It’s great for standard households as they’re relatively short in comparison to other Christmas trees.

What Christmas tree lasts the longest?

A lot of people are put off by purchasing real Christmas trees because of their longevity when compared to fake trees. If you’re wanting a real tree that’ll last throughout the Christmas period, then the Noble Fir is for you.

What Christmas tree doesn’t shed needles?

The shedding of needles from real Christmas trees has to be the most annoying thing about purchasing a real tree. Those little guys get everywhere! But, you can purchase a real tree that doesn’t shed. The Scotch pine (AKA Scots Pine or Pinus Sylvestris) is the best tree to go for if you aren’t looking for a major clean-up operation once you’ve taken your tree down. Its needles hold for weeks, even after they’ve died and dried up. What’s more, a Scotch pine is lovely to look at and has a long-lasting Christmas aroma.

What Christmas tree has soft needles?

If the needles aren’t an issue for you, but you’d prefer not to get jabbed in the foot every time you walk past your tree, the best Christmas tree for you would be the Douglas fir. It’s an extremely popular tree over the Christmas period, as its needles are incredibly soft and shiny, they’re also long-lasting so they won’t fall out as soon as you’ve got your tree into position.

How to Care for your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree care

Caring for your Christmas tree should be at the top of your list if you decide to purchase a real tree. To get a long-lasting, beautiful tree you need to give it a bit of TLC. 

How to keep a real Christmas tree alive

Your first step is to make sure that the base of your tree has been cut – similar to flowers, you need to cut a small portion of the base off in order to reach the trees full potential. Most Christmas trees are cut down at a similar time, meaning that the base has more than likely started to dry out before it’s even been purchased. When buying a real tree ensure that the base has been trimmed – or that you have the correct tools to do it yourself – as a freshly cut base will allow the tree to absorb more water and ensure a longer-lasting tree.

If you’re purchasing a tree from a real Christmas tree shop/market then it’s likely that the base has already been trimmed for you. However, if the tree is too tall for your room, you’ll need to cut some more off. The tree will need enough room to grow and breathe in order to stay alive for long. You’ll then need to ensure that the tree has enough water to sustain all its branches and needles.

How to water a real Christmas tree

To ensure that your real tree stays alive for as long as possible, you’ll need to give it plenty of water. In fact, a new Christmas tree can take up to a gallon of water in just 1 day!

To water your tree efficiently, you need to sit the tree in a tree stand that has the depth to ensure you can give it enough water (you don’t want to be running back and forth from the tap every hour!). A daily refill of water is enough to keep your Christmas tree going throughout the holiday period. You’ll probably find your tree drinks up plenty of water in the first few days but after that, it will just need a small top-up each day. 

Daily watering also reduces the risk of fires significantly so it’s very important, not just for the tree, but for yourself and your home, that you give the tree enough water.

How to decorate a real Christmas tree

decorating a christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most magical parts about Christmas. The glow of the lights and the twinkle of the ornaments really bring your house to life. But, is there any difference between decorating a real tree and a fake tree? In fact, there is.

Fake trees have substantially sturdier branches so that you can hang whichever ornaments on them that you like. However, for real trees, you need to be a little more careful with the ornaments that you choose. A real tree’s branches are sturdy but are not as durable as a fake tree. Over time, a heavy ornament can cause the branches to bend and snap off. When decorating your real Christmas, use ornaments that are light-weight. If you have an ornament that’s slightly heavier, try and push it back, towards the middle of the tree, where the branches will be much sturdier.

Purchasing a real Christmas tree is a very magical time. Finding the right tree and caring for it is more of a challenge when compared to a fake tree, but a real tree brings life and beautiful authentic smells into your home. Considering that our real trees are planted specifically for this holiday period, we’d definitely recommend you giving a real tree a go!

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