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The front door of your property, as well as being an essential security feature, will contribute enormously to that elusive ‘kerb appeal’. That’s a term referring to how good it looks from the front-side.

First impressions count for a great deal when you’re trying to make a sale – but even if you’re not, you’ll probably want the front of your home to look as fantastic as possible.

Nowadays, of course, we don’t just look at front doors in the real world: we also look at pictures of them on image-sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Hence, if you want your front door to look its best when viewed on a mobile device, you’ll also need to worry about ‘gram appeal’.



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The colour of your front door is one of the first things your brain will notice. You’ll register it after a fraction of a second, and it’ll inform all of the subsequent impressions you form about the door, and the property to which it’s attached. To put it mildly, your choice of colour matters!

If you’re going to be repainting an existing wooden door, then pick something that matches not only the area, but your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create. You should also think about what other people will find attractive, as it’s more difficult to sell a house whose front door is a garish shade of pink rather than something classic, like navy-blue.


Just as the colour of your door will influence its look, so too will the colour of its hardware. Here’s where contrast can be your friend: a dark-coloured door will match nicely with brass hardware, helping it to ‘pop’ from its surroundings. Similarly, a light-coloured one will do the same thing with cast-iron, black hardware.

Your door’s hardware comes in several different forms. Some of them have a greater impact on the overall look of your door than others. Hinges, for example, will largely be hidden – simply match them with the other hardware elements and you’ll be fine. Handles, on the other hand, should be chosen carefully. For most of us, a lever-handle mounted to the side is the way to go, but it if you’d prefer to make a statement, you might opt for an American-style doorknob mounted dead-centre.

There are other items to consider, too, like letterboxes and door-knockers. The latter represents a chance to go completely off-the-wall without dominating the entire door: you can find high-quality metal door-knockers in a range of styles, so pick one that you’re happy with.

Finally, we should consider the house-number. This won’t just help your front door to look great; it’ll also help your deliveries to arrive at the right place. You can mount your house-number either on the door itself, or slightly to one side.


Your door’s visual appeal will be determined by the quality of light that strikes it. At night-time, the right choice of porch-light can create visual interest: go for something soft, and you’ll get an inviting, traditional look; go for something stark and you can create a more esoteric one.

When you’re installing outdoor lights, you should use the appropriate fittings: those which will stand up to snow and rain without allowing moisture inside and shorting out. The quality of Ingress Protection is described by a fitting’s IP rating: IP44 should be considered a minimum, but if you want protection against fine dust particles, you can go even higher. The warmth of your lighting should be considered, too, as it’ll have an enormous influence on the colour of your door.

Bear in mind that your porchlight will need to be strong enough that you can see what you’re doing when you try to open the door at night-time. Doing this in the dark can often create the impression of a home that’s unoccupied, which can be a draw to thieves.



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Another source of light comes from any windows that are near the door. A pair of sidelights will sit on either side of the door, creating an illusion of width. A transom window will do the same job, but from above. Ideally, any windows near the door should match the same style as the glazing built into the door itself. So, if you’ve gone for a particular stained-glass pattern, then mirroring it elsewhere will create a consistent aesthetic that’ll translate well when you come to snap it for your online audience.


There’s nothing more likely to add interest to a front-door setup than some artfully-arranged plants. Potted flowers do the job marvellously, as do hanging baskets, which now feature in an enormous number of British homes. Note that sad-looking, brown plants are going to detract from the look of your door rather than bolster it, so be sure that you’re going to be able to commit to watering and pruning.


It’s difficult to get a doormat into the shot when you’re taking a photo from the front of your door, but a tasteful choice can add a little bit of an Easter egg that’ll reward close inspection. Your choice of doormat will be determined almost entirely by your personal taste: you can find them bearing all manner of patterns and whimsical messages.

The Garden Path

A classic front-on shot of your front door will incorporate a little of its surroundings, too: including the path leading up to it. If your garden path isn’t attractive, then it won’t matter how gorgeous the door itself is: it won’t translate well to Instagram.

In Conclusion

Installing a new front door will, in many cases, vastly improve the appeal of your home. But there are ways to make an older timber door ‘pop’ nicely; all that’s usually required is a spare afternoon and a pot or two of paint. Make sure you sand and prime properly, and you can finish with spectacular results – and that’s before you even start applying those all-important Instagram filters!

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