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If you’re anything like us, when you’re struggling for inspiration, you turn to the internet. With so many blogs out there, how do you decide where to start, and who to trust? Fear not – we’re here to help! We asked the team at Express Doors Direct to share their favourite interior design blogs with us – and we’ve turned it into a handy resource for you to turn to when in need of inspiration.

Top 20 Interior Design Blogs – An infographic by the team at Express Doors Direct

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AKA Design

AKA Design is a great place to find DIY ideas, crafts and décor inspiration. Owners Shannon and Dean share their beautiful home through a fantastic house tour where you can get inspired by the progress they have made in making it over. The “get the look for less” posts are great for anybody decorating on a budget and show just how easy it is to have great décor for less. The projects gallery is brimming with DIY ideas from furniture upcycling to banners and bunting. AKA Design is perfect for anyone on the hunt for ideas for a beautiful family home.

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Amy Krist

California-based blogger Amy Krist offers up some fantastic DIY and home décor ideas that are perfect for anyone on a tight budget. She also has a great selection of posts showing readers how to ‘hack’ IKEA products to take them from standard store brought furniture to beautiful, personalised pieces. Reading Amy’s blog will certainly have you digging out the spray paint and starting your own DIY projects to spruce up you home. There are also some great family friendly DIY’s that would make great activities to enjoy with the kids!

You can find Amy regularly updating on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Twenty One Two Designs

Interior designer and founder of Twenty One Two Designs Amanda, gives readers a look at the stylish life of a designer. Full of gorgeous images of luxurious home décor, her blog is the perfect place to find interior ideas and inspiration. Amanda also explains her ideas and gives tips about interior design along with sharing some of her favourite spaces, designers and stores. The Twenty One Two Designs blog is the perfect location for anyone who loves chic interiors and wants insider information from someone who knows exactly how to achieve it.

Follow Twenty One Two Designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Cynthia Weber

Interior Designer Cynthia Weber shares her tips, ideas ad DIY’s on her fantastic blog which is guaranteed to give readers home décor inspiration! Cynthia produces a wonderful series of posts titled ‘Client Diaries’ which take readers into the home of some of her clients to see the beautiful work she’s done. The before and afters are fantastic to see and Cynthia describes the process and explains the pieces she’s picked and why, which really gives you a great insight into the world of an interior designer.

Keep up with Cynthia on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

DIY Showoff

DIY Showoff is where blogger Roeshel shares her beautiful home and the DIY projects that make it that way. Her blog has one of the best project galleries we have come across with dozens of tutorials on everything from wreath making to floor painting. You can also take a peek inside her home by visiting the home tour section which lets you see the amazing before and after photos from the makeovers Roeshel has undertaken in each room.

You can see Roeshel’s updates on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


Cuckoo4Design is the beautiful brainchild of German-born Julia. Her blog is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to undertake any kind of DIY, craft, or home improvement project. From making over old furniture to pet-related projects, you’ll find it all right here! It’s also worth setting aside an hour or two to flick through her house tour – we fell in love with her gorgeous dining room set up the moment we saw it!

You can keep up to date with Julia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The House of Wood

Run by Tennessee-based Jen Woodhouse, The House of Wood is a peek into her life and home, and a great place for DIY inspiration. The blog has a great selection of resources to get ideas including the aptly named ‘Inspiration files’ and some fabulous mood boards. There is a wonderful gallery of DIY ideas from small crafts like fabric bunting to huge furniture restorations. Jen also shares her family life and music career with readers, giving the blog a really friendly and personal feel.

You can find Jen on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Lauren Kelp

Lauren Kelp is an interior designer who shares her design jobs, DIY projects and home shopping recommendations through her brilliant blog. If you want chic interior inspiration this is the place to visit. You can take a look at the styling and interior work Lauren has done by visiting her portfolio section or check out her DIY posts. Lauren also has some amazing board collections on Pinterest that are sure to inspire!

Keep up to date with Lauren on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

Little House on the Corner

Step into the home of Christine and Jan as they share their renovation progress on a 100 year old house in Manchester. This blog has wonderfully detailed posts about home renovation and restoration! Take a look at the projects page to find out how Christine and Jan did everything from restoring a cast iron fireplace to sanding their floors. Or if you want to see how their projects turned out, have a look at their house tour to see how they have beautifully transformed rooms and what they looked like before. This is the perfect blog for anyone undergoing some restoration themselves but it’s also lovely to follow the progress of a first house.

You can also find Little House on the Corner on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

Lucite & Lavender

Interior designer Emily Mughannam shares not only her beautiful ideas and projects for the home at Lucite & Lavender but also snippets of her trips and family life. Emily keeps readers up to date with plenty of images and information about the interior design world from trends to releases. Her photographs are wonderful and readers are sure to find inspiration for their home, parties and more here.

Find Emily updating on Facebook and Pinterest.

Made From Scratch

This is one of those blogs that can genuinely be described as visually stunning. The photography is beautiful and plentiful as owner Rachael McMahon shares everything from DIY to baking. Not only are there great posts about Rachael’s own home, including a fantastic overview from when they first brought the property right through to the post renovation result, there are also posts about all things décor and design. Readers can find Rachael’s décor idea boards and also information about new interior releases or take a look at her DIY’s.

Made From Scratch is also on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

My Design Chic

My Design Chic follows mother and daughter Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson Harvey who are both passionate about design. Their blog is full of beautiful images for an incredibly large number of design topics, style and tastes. My Design Chic is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for interiors inspiration! You can also check out their Pinterest page which is brimming with beautiful design images.

Find My Design Chic on Twitter and Pinterest.

My Paradissi

Crete based architect and interior designer Eleni shares her inspiration through her beautiful blog. She regularly posts stunning home inspiration collections, boards and resources. Her Sunday bliss posts are also brilliantly short and sweet and a reminder to enjoy the small things. My Paradissi is a great blog for seeing what inspires a designer and how to use trends in your own home.

You can keep up with Eleni on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Soledad Alzaga

This is the San Francisco based blog of interior designer Soledad Alzaga. Here she shares everything interior from images of her own stunning and chic home to collections. You can also take a look at Soledad’s beautiful portfolio to get inspired by some of the interior design work she has done. This blog has a lovely selection of posts and Soledad often gives advice or tips relating to projects she has undertaken. This is a wonderful blog to visit if you’re in need of some tasteful décor ideas.

You can also find her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

Dear Designer

Dear Designer is run by London based interior designer Carole King who fills the blog with designs that inspire her and projects she’s worked on. Keep up to date with her in depth looks at new collections and releases in the design world which feature plenty of beautiful images. Carole also writes a collection of home advice posts such as ‘Why Every Home Needs a Family Dining Table’ and ‘5 Good Reasons to Add a Rug to Every Room’ which make great points and will have you wanting to make the updates in no time!

Find Carole on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Design Crisis

Design Crisis is the perfect location for lovers of both art and interiors. Austin based blogger, freelance decorator and photographer Erin Williamson shares her beautifully eclectic interior taste through inspiring images and projects she has worked on. You can also take a look at her portfolio to see the beautiful results of projects Erin has worked on or follow the one room challenge series of posts she recently took part in to transform a dinette. Design Crisis is sure to inspire anyone who loves mixing old and new pieces to create a unique and personal interior style.

You can follow Erin on Twitter and Instagram.

Deuce Cities Henhouse

Run by Alison Allen, Deuce Cities Henhouse features a great mix of DIY projects, inspiration posts and images from her beautiful 100 year-old Minneapolis house. There are plenty of stunning photographs and images that will inspire anyone with a taste for design or décor. The large collection of DIY ideas have detailed descriptions and step by step images meaning you can make the quirky pieces for your own home. The recipe card style posts and hand written instructions also make a trip to the Deuce Cities Henhouse blog even better!

Find Deuce Cities Henhouse on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Design Sheppard

Freelance designer Stacey keeps readers up to date on the latest interior design releases and collections through her fantastic blog. The details and descriptions Stacey provides for each of the releases are wonderfully detailed, making The Design Sheppard the perfect spot to regularly catch up on goings-on in the industry. The posts are also split into handy categories such as room types, accessories and trends – so you can easily find the sort of releases you are interested in. The blog itself is also beautifully simple with the incredible images being the clear focal point. A word of warning though, visiting The Design Sheppard might leave you wanting to snap up every fabulous item for yourself!

Keep up to date with The Design Sheppard on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The Lovely Cupboard

The Lovely cupboard is just that, lovely! Blogger Heather shares everything from DIY and décor to recipes and crafts complete with beautiful photographs. Heather treats readers to tours and projects from her own home, friends’ homes and projects she has worked on for her interiors business. These posts are perfect for finding inspiration and are certain to give you the décor bug for your own place! You can also find plenty of fantastic DIY projects on The Lovely Cupboard from seasonal projects to quirky repurposing ideas.

You can keep up with The Lovely Cupboard on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Up to Date Interiors

North Carolina-based blogger Kathy shares DIY ideas, design tips and more on Up to Date Interiors. The design and colour inspiration sections are sure to have readers thinking about what would work for their own home and Kathy has made this even easier with plenty of beautiful images to browse. Kathy shares her own beautiful coastal house and this serves as a great place to get inspired if you have limited decorating options if your property is rented like hers. Up to Date Interiors even has the holidays covered with some gorgeous holiday DIY ideas!

You can follow Kathy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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