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Pantone’s 2014 colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, has caused quite a stir in the interior design community. Some people adore it, others despise it – in fact it’s one of the most controversial choices Pantone has made in recent years.

Radiant Orchid is vibrant, vivacious and undeniably eye catching but its lead many people to ask ‘how can I actually use this in my home?’ We’ve come up with several ways to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your décor, whether you are a lover of all things bright or if you prefer a more subtle hint of colour.


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Luxury Fabrics

One area where Radiant Orchid shines is its ability to look stunning in many different fabrics and textures. Velvet is the standout choice thanks to its instantly luxurious finish. Architectural Digest demonstrated this beautifully by using a muted version of the colour in a plush velvet sofa. Satin and silk textures also look stunning in this colour, so try mixing textures for an intriguing look.


Mix Up Your Tones

Radiant Orchid in its purest form is a bold colour, but experimenting with tones can completely alter the impact it has on a space. A sheer wash of the colour actually creates a feminine and sophisticated look whilst a deeper version gives a dramatic and vampy feel, as this post from Timeless Wrought Iron shows.



One thing is for sure about Radiant Orchid, it looks great in a pattern! There are plenty of options on the market including ombre, animal prints, stripes and even flocked designs. You can incorporate pattern in numerous ways – we especially like cushions, bed sheets and rugs for an instant and non-permanent result. We’ve picked 9 of our favourite cushions below, which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination.

9 of the Best Radiant Orchid Cushions



One of the best ways to work Radiant Orchid into your home is to layer it with complimentary colours. Teals, neutrals, greens and even yellows work incredibly well with the purple hue, so try layering different textiles in the form of cushions or throws. Using a mixture of shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and materials will give an eclectic and chic look. From Scandinavia with Love gets this perfectly right:


Natural Backdrops

Many people believe that Radiant Orchid is too rich to work well with their existing home décor. In actual fact it can be just the right amount of boldness to liven up a neutral room! Grey, beige and taupe act as the perfect backdrop for this colour. If you’re feeling brave and bold, try adding a feature wall in Radiant Orchid. If you want to keep things more subtle why not incorporate accessories, furniture, textiles or even art that features the colour like Paperblog does:


Statement Pops

Radiant Orchid makes a statement in any room so why not try it in small doses to add a pop of colour. A single ornament, cushion or even piece of furniture will work, especially in one of Radiant Orchids richer and deeper tones. The great thing about using a colour this way is that you can switch it out when you want a change without any hassle. Check out some of our favourite statement pieces below:

Statement Pieces in Radiant Orchid


You can also get crafty when it comes to adding Radiant Orchid to your home. Plenty of interior design bloggers have created fantastic DIY pieces which are perfect for anyone who wants to stay on trend (and on budget). Our favourites include this chic vase from House on the Way.


Traci from Beneath my Heart also showed readers how to add a small amount of Radiant Orchid for a big effect with her DIY chair makeover.


Have you used Radiant Orchid in your home, or are you planning on adding it? We’d love to hear how you use it in the comments below!

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