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Coventry Glazed Oak Shaker - Frosted Glass

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Many people look for Oak internal glazed doors with frosted glass for privacy, but they still want the light to flow through into adjacent rooms. The Coventry glazed door with opaque glass gives you that, but all in a modern style that suits many new homes. These doors are offered unfinished, fully glazed with 6mm frosted laminated glass and feel great when opening and closing them due to their sturdy construction. These white oak veneered doors are supplied with solid oak 18mm lipping's as standard and can be trimmed in height and width by up to 32mm.

Door Name Coventry Glazed Oak Shaker - Frosted Glass
Finish Unfinished
Material Engineered Oak
Construction Solid Core
Raised Moulding No
Door Thickness Imperial - 35mm / Metric - 40mm / FD30 - 44mm
Glazing Laminated Frosted glass

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