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Ely White Primed Glazed

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Whether you’re looking to install glazed doors throughout your home or are simply looking for a way to connect your living spaces, the Ely glazed door and its complimentary solid doors are a beautiful way to introduce light and a contemporary new style in to your home.

Featuring three individual glazed panels running down the centre of the door, following the attractive machined grooves, this is a gorgeous addition to any contemporary home.

These doors are primed and ready to be painted in a colour of your choice. Or, if you prefer a clean look, they can even be hung as they are for a sleek and modern finish. Once delivered, all that’s left to do is choose and fit the hinges and hardware of your choice. If you need to trim the Ely down to size, you’ll find 18mm solid lippings, allowing you to make size adjustments of up to 32mm in both height and width. 

Door Name Ely White Primed Glazed
Finish Solid White Primed
Material Solid White primed
Construction Solid Core
Raised Moulding No
Door Thickness Imperial - 35mm / Metric - 40mm / FD30 - 44mm
Glazing Toughened clear glass / FD 30 - unglazed

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