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Eton 4 Panel Flat White

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These Eton 4 panel white primed doors are superbly finished for what is classed as a white primed door. Traditional yet contemporary too, with the neat square edges, flat panels, these solid core doors, are not only solid in feel, but also have solid 18mm lipping's either side so they can be trimmed on site by up to 32mm. Available in standard 35mm doors, as well as FD30 rated Eton fire doors at 45mm thick, these door are heavy and robust and give you a modern twist to your room.

Door Name Eton 4 Panel Flat White
Finish White Primed
Material Solid White primed
Construction Solid Core
Raised Moulding No
Door Thickness Imperial - 35mm / Metric - 40mm / FD30 - 44mm
Glazing N/A

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