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Seville White Unglazed

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Since we first introduced our stylish new Seville range, they’ve become seriously popular; their classic good looks, high-quality finish and great value for money mean they’re flying out of the warehouse like there’s no tomorrow. Which is why we’re delighted to introduce you to the white unglazed Seville.

The white primed Seville gets a new look with the addition of an unglazed panel, just waiting for you to add your own spin to it. Whether you decide on frosted or clear, coloured or plain, double or single glazed, we know that our customers have loved having the opportunity to customise the glazing of their doors. The glazed panel allows light to continue to filter in to the room, whilst still offering a level of privacy.

Our entire Seville range are fitted with 18mm lippings and can be trimmed in height by up to 32mm, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit. Supplied in 35mm standard widths as well as 45mm FD30 accredited doors that are fire-resistant for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Door Name Seville White Unglazed
Finish Unfinished
Material Solid White primed
Construction Solid Core
Raised Moulding No
Door Thickness Imperial - 35mm / Metric - 40mm / FD30 - 44mm
Glazing Unglazed

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