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Vancouver Pattern 10 Oak - CLEAR PREFINISHED

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Mighty and strong, Oak carries with it centuries of culture and has provided the material for craftsmen around the world.

Our Vancouver Oak range encapsulates the timeless natural strength of Oak doors in a variety of styles, solid panelled and glazed for contemporary applications. The most simple, solid design features 5 finely lined panels and offers an affordable solution for an engineered solid wood door with excellent sound deadening properties, perfect for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Oak’s natural tone blends into a variety of decorative styles, allowing flexibility for future redesigns that ensure the quality and long life we build into our doors will outlast fashions without looking out of place.

Our glazed options cover offset and central smaller panels for light with a degree of privacy, and larger panes for a more open feel can be found in our PL4 model. For the ultimate in natural light, the single-pane Pattern 10 retains the 10mm lipping for 12mm trim capability with a substantial glazed area. All are manufactured as solid doors, with engineered Oak construction allowing 12mm trimming from the standard 78”/2040mm sizes and an expansive range of widths, up to 33”/826mm. Reflecting the appeal our Vancouver range has for contemporary office design, glazed and solid variations are available as fire check doors to meet building requirements, and all glazing uses approved toughened glass.

Vancouver Oak doors are supplied ready to use with a tough, durable prefinished surface, and our 10 year guarantee and five working day delivery ensure your new build or refurbishment will be on schedule and completed to the highest standards.


Door Name Vancouver Pattern 10 Oak - CLEAR PREFINISHED
Finish Fully Finished
Material Engineered Oak
Construction Solid Core
Raised Moulding No
Door Thickness Imperial - 35mm / Metric - 40mm / FD30 - 44mm
Glazing Toughened Clear glass / FD 30 - Fire Rated

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