Recreating Your Favourite Disney Films From Home

Disney fans have rejoiced this year with the announcement of several live-action and animated remakes of beloved Disney films.

It has now been made official that classics like Dumbo, Aladdin and the Sword in the Stone have been officially tipped off to hit our cinemas and West-End stages.  Unfortunately, release dates for a lot of these films have been announced for as far back as 2020 to relive the magic of favourite films.

So If you’re amongst those restless fans, or just love all things Disney, home interior experts Express Doors Direct have taken the liberty of reimagining some of the franchise’s most popular films, which you can re-enact from the comfort of your own home!

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NASA Inventions That You Use Everyday

NASA recently discovered a new solar system, TRAPPIST-1. With current rocket technology, it would take around 11,250 years to arrive at this cluster of Earth-like planets. With our childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut well and truly scuppered by a timeline like that, we wondered how else we could achieve the dizzying heights of space. Turns out, we’re all a lot closer to being astronauts than we think!

Whilst lying in bed or hoovering the house might seem as far away from space exploration as, well, the moon is from Earth, the truth might surprise you. Whilst NASA’s technicians are mainly responsible for the development of high-tech space gadgets, there are actually tonnes of NASA inventions that we use regularly in our day to day life.

In fact, in 2016 NASA made 56 of it’s hundreds of thousands of patents available for commercial use. These patents were developed to advance NASA missions, but they may also have non-aerospace applications. NASA’s patent portfolio, managed by the agency’s Technology Transfer Program, includes more than 1,000 technologies in categories such as manufacturing, electronics, and health, medicine, and biotechnology covering everything from rocket nozzles and thrusters to aircraft wing designs and sensors.

Ready to find out what NASA inventions you use everyday? Well, take a look at our interactive guide to NASA Inventions in Your Home and Life. From the mattresses we sleep on to baby formula, and even our digital cameras; NASA has helped to improve our lives in ways that we never could have imagined.

Move the sliders on the page, to uncover each inventions NASA intentions, and it’s home uses.

An animated gif of a spaceman lying on a memory foam mattress

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What Happens When You Let Reddit Decide What To Do With Your Spare Room?

So, it’s time to fix up your house but you’re not sure what to do with your spare room, is it destined for life as a junk room? Should it just be a plain, old guest bedroom?

Well, we think it’s time to declutter that spare room and make the space work for you. Where better to turn for inspiration than Reddit; the front page of the internet! We were delighted to discover some seriously spectacular suggestions. So much so, it’s hard to believe that you’ve never thought of them before… We’ve listed below some our absolute favourite suggestions to get your imagination flowing…

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Hold The Door! Why Do We Hold The Door Open? Door Facts and Trivia

As long as doors have been around, there have been ‘traditions’ surrounding it and a lot of us don’t know how these traditions came around. Nowadays, these are mainly known as manners, like it is manners to open the door, or hold the door open for someone who is passing with you. Here, we explain some of the trivia around doors and why these cultural idiosyncrasies still are around today.

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