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Our Commitment to Sustainability: FSC® Doors

Wooden doors make beautiful additions to your home, but did you ever consider their origins? Have they been produced in an environmentally friendly way, and how can you tell?

Timber, a precious and renewable resource, can greatly benefit our environment and communities. However, if forests are excessively exploited without proper oversight, the consequences can be devastating. Fortunately, the Forest Stewardship Council® (INT-COC-003944.500) certification offers a solution. It is a widely acknowledged international standard that guarantees responsibly produced wood products. To delve deeper into the FSC® and its positive impact, visit their official website.

Here at Express Doors Direct we're pleased to offer a wide array of FSC® certified doors from a variety of manufacturers. We're committed to providing sustainable options without compromising on style or functionality.

The Benefits of Forest Stewardship Council Certification for Doors

The FSC supports the responsible management of forests across the world. With their stamp on a product, you know it helps to support biological diversity as well as benefiting the lives of workers and indigenous people.

Through the sustainable sourcing of materials used to create products like wooden doors, we can collectively reduce the environmental impact of using timber in construction. FSC certified products use timber from well managed forests ensuring that the wood is harvested sustainably, and the forest ecosystem is conserved.

This responsible forestry keeps timber production sustainable, protecting the world's forests from accelerating deforestation. This supports the environment as well as the future of the industry, ensuring that beautiful timber products can be made for many years to come without a lack of resources. With a happy workforce and thriving forests, you can see the benefits this certification brings.

Our FSC Certified Door Range

We stock a wide range of products from FSC certified companies like Climadoor, JELD-WEN, JB Kind, Deanta, and XL Joinery. We encourage you to visit their websites if you'd like to find out more about their environmental policies. 

When it comes to our FSC certified products, you'll benefit from a varied selection of styles, types of wood and finishes. All our doors are competitively priced so you can satisfy your inner designer, your budget and your conscience!

FSC Labels: What to Look For

The tree and tick symbol accompanied by the initials 'FSC' creates an instantly recognisable logo. This is what you need to look out for if you want to buy certified doors, as this cannot be displayed without the FSC's approval.

As we sell online, you'll need to look for this logo on the product page of the door that you're interested in, as well as further details written in the description. Our suppliers often apply FSC labels to their products too, so you'll see these when your door arrives.

Your Choice Makes a Difference

We understand that many consumers like you are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. FSC-certified doors carry a recognised eco-label, so you can be confident in the choices you're making.

With sustainable building at the heart of many of today's new developments, looking for the FSC logo helps timber users to make smart choices. You can be assured that the stringent FSC standards have been met so you can select the products that meet your project's sustainability goals.

Even if you're just buying one door, your decisions today will impact future generations, and you can choose something that aligns with your values.

Questions About FSC Certified Doors

What is an FSC door?

An FSC door refers to a door made from wood that comes from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certification ensures that the wood used in the door comes from sustainable sources that meet strict standards for forest management. Only companies that comply with these standards can use the FSC label on their products.

What does FSC stand for?

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an international NGO (non governmental organisation) committed to promoting responsible forest management worldwide. Established in 1994, FSC has become the most widely recognised forest certification system, ensuring sustainable practices and protecting our planet's forests.

Is FSC certified wood real wood?

Yes, FSC certified wood is real wood. It refers to wood that has been sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as sustainably managed with responsible harvesting practices.

What is FSC certified wood?

FSC-certified wood is lumber sourced sustainably and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It meets rigorous standards for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. This certification ensures the wood comes from responsibly-managed forests and promotes ethical practices in the timber industry.

What are the three types of FSC Certification?

The three types of FSC are: FSC 100%, FSC Recycled, and FSC Mix. FSC 100% ensures all materials come from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. FSC Recycled denotes products made from 100% recycled materials. FSC Mix uses a combination of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled wood. Opt for sustainably sourced options with FSC certification for a greener choice.

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