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Leeds Plywood Doors Ltd (LPD) has been producing high-quality doors for more than thirty-five years. Offering a full range of internal and external doors, LPD is committed to design innovation and is always looking for ways to improve its already excellent doors. This is clear in the wide range of products LPD makes, with options to meet every taste and style.

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Exterior Hardwood Door Frames

Weathersealed Flat-Pack

From £69.99 - £265.82

Oak Door Frames - Exterior

Weathersealed flat pack

From £94.00 - £265.82

Internal Oak Architrave Pack

Engineered oak Veneered


York Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood


Windsor Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood


Warwick Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £139.59 - £155.93

Stable 1l M&t Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood


Malton - Hardwood M&t Unglazed Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £149.99 - £166.32

Malton - Hardwood Dowelled Unglazed Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £132.17 - £149.99

Georgia Dowelled Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood


External Hardwood M&t Colonial 6 Panel Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £149.99 - £166.32

External Hardwood M&t Colonial 4 Panel Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £149.99 - £166.32

Elizabethan Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood


Dx30's Style Hardwood M&t Door

Engineered Hardwood

From £141.08 - £157.41

Derby Unglazed Hardwood External Doors

Engineered Hardwood

From £182.66 - £207.90

The LPD Doors Range

Whatever type of door you're looking for, whether it's an external folding door or an internal panel fire door, LPD has plenty of top-quality products from you to choose from.

Modern or traditional internal door designs

One of the best things about LPD doors is how many design options they offer. From materials to features to finish, they have a style to suit every home.

If you're looking for engineered hardwood, LPD doors offer standard hemlock or pine options, alongside more luxurious oak and walnut. Those looking for a clean, contemporary finish, will also find LPD doors available in white, grey, and black.

Another wonderful thing about LPD doors is that they all come in a variety of finishes. If you're drawn to the convenience of fully-finished or pre-finished doors there are plenty of products to choose from, with classic wood veneers.

Or if you're looking to match a very specific or personalised interior, there are plenty of primed and unfinished doors too.

Whether you finish them with a swift swipe of wax to bring out their natural beauty or complete them with a lick of colour to suit your specific decor, with LPD you have total freedom and flexibility to tailor your door to your own unique style.

Folding and French Doors

LPD doors don't just come in solid panel-type doors either. Bifold and french internal doors also make up part of their product range.

These LPD doors are made up of two or more panels that share a hinge. As well as standard-sized folding doors, LPD even does slim panels that could fit a storage cupboard or a similar smaller space.

Just like the panel doors, all folding type LPD doors are available in the full range of styles you would expect from LPD. Choose between oak veneer, walnut, or block colours like white. And, obviously, you can also choose from a complete range of finishes, from pre-finished to unfinished.

Glazed Doors

LPD has plenty of solid door choices, but if you're looking for doors with glass there are many alternatives to pick from as well.

They have internal and external doors available with a variety of glazing possibilities. From a full glazed, to a classic half-glazed, it's up to you how much light and space you want to filter into your rooms.

They even have a whole heap of choice when it comes to glazing styles. There's completely clear, fully frosted, stylish smoked, or even delicately decorative glass.

External Doors

From traditional cottage-style oak doors to commanding double Empress pairs, LPD has an external door to help the outside of your home look as wonderful as the inside. 

And, if you’re looking to completely customise your doorway, LPD also supplies sidelights. Slim panels, made of solid wood or glass, these decorative additions from LPD can help turn your dull doorway into a grand entrance.

A range of interior sidelights is also available to compliment your internal doors.

A Door That Lasts

LPD pride itself on manufacturing products that are strong, solid, and stable.

Their solid core LPD doors are all made using engineered wood parts. This means their products feel solid, secure, and last for years. This is why they're able to offer a 10-year guarantee across their products.

For heavyweight doors, providing the highest level of sound and thermal insulation, LPD offer engineered solid core doors. These heavyweights will help keep your home warm and quiet and can prove very economical over time. And for anyone after a lighter weight design, LPD supply a wide range of hollow-core internal doors too, perfect for anyone on a tight budget who doesn't want to comprise on appearance.

LPD even manufactures FD30 fire-rated internal doors. These are available in a range of panel styles, offering fire-rated protection while still looking great.

And every engineered solid core LPD door is then veneered to give the appealing look of natural wood, or a clean contemporary colour.

Internal  Door Hardware and Accessories

LPD makes more than just doors. Their product range also includes door frames and architraves to match the style of your door. This means when you've found the perfect LPD door, you don't have to go shop around for all the fittings. Instead, you can pick up high-quality door fittings and accessories for a reasonable price all at once.

And with all the frames and fittings available in oak, pine, and redwood, and completely unfinished, you'll find something to match, whichever one of LPD doors style you choose.

LPD and the Environment

Anyone with a strong ethical focus can buy any one of LPD doors with a  completely clear conscience. LPD is committed to keeping its products and its supply chain entirely ethical.

LPD works to minimise their impact on the environment, and only source timber from suppliers who work with well-managed forests.  Many LPD doors are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and this range is constantly increasing. And even when an item isn't fully certified, you can trust LPD have done due diligence to ensure their suppliers comply with the European Union Timber Regulation rules.

Why choose LPD doors?

With LPD you can buy a door that is as robust as it is stylish, all for a reasonable price. There’s product flexibility to match every style-type and taste. If you’re looking for a brand new door, we’re confident LPD will have one for you.

So why not take a look through our range and see what style of LPD door suits you?

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