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Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are ideal for space-saving in smaller homes. They slide into the wall, eliminating the need for swing space. They offer a sleek solution for privacy and open-plan living, allowing homeowners to close off rooms without sacrificing floor space.

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The Express Doors Direct Pocket Doors Range

Pocket Door Kits

Our pocket door systems help you to create slick, sliding doors that retract into your wall when opened. You can choose from a wide variety of stunning designs and use a pocket door system to make your door operate differently.

We supply everything you need to create a hidden sliding door, including a quick click strong galvanized steel frame that assembles into a full pocket. Track and runners are supplied, but you will need to choose your internal door panel separately.

ECLISSE Classic Single Pocket Door Kits

When space is limited, this single pocket door kit is the ideal alternative to a traditional hinged door. It's perfect for smaller rooms like en-suites, downstairs bathrooms, pantries, wardrobes and cloakrooms. Your sliding door will disappear into the wall, so you save floor space but can close off a room whenever you choose.

ECLISSE Double Pocket Door Systems

Ideal for larger door openings, our double concealed sliding door kits help you to create an open plan feel. This style provides a seamless transition between rooms, saving space while allowing for privacy when needed. A double pocket door is ideal for optimising room layouts, especially in areas where a swinging door would be impractical.

Fire Rating

Both our single and double hidden door systems are available with FD30 rating. Pair with your chosen fire door when you need fire protection in your home. Please get in touch with our team on 0115 647 7435 or email [email protected] for guidance on which fire doors are suitable for use with pocket door systems.   

A Space-Saving and Stylish Solution

If you want to install a room divider and also save space, double pocket doors offer your ideal solution. Unlike traditional hinged doors, there's no need to worry about the space they take up when fully opened.

Their versatility allows for customisation, from traditional panelled designs to contemporary frosted glass options, ensuring a perfect fit for any interior design style.

Clearance and Space

Your pocket door will open into your wall cavity, so you'll need to allow enough clearance for it to operate smoothly.

We offer standardised overall frame sizes to seamlessly accommodate a diverse array of standard door panel dimensions. Detailed technical specifications are available to guide your frame selection process.

It's crucial to ensure adequate space and wall thickness for constructing the pocket and the overall frame. Once you've secured the necessary space, you can explore the range of overall frame sizes compatible with your available space, with the technical specifications delineating the door panel sizes each frame can accommodate.

Designs And Features of Pocket Doors

Functionality is key with pocket doors, as they provide smooth and silent operation thanks to their top-hung roller systems. Say goodbye to cumbersome swing doors and hello to an uninterrupted transition between spaces.

Whether you're renovating a small apartment or designing your dream home, pocket door systems offer an innovative solution that maximises space and adds a touch of sophistication to your living space.

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