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Ely Internal Doors

A beautiful blend of country cottage charm and cutting edge design, the Ely internal door is a stylish choice to suit a range of interiors.

Ely Internal Doors
Ely Oak - Pre-Finished Fire Door

Ely Oak - Pre-Finished Fire Door

Fully Finished | Oak | Deanta Doors
610mm - 926mm / 24" - 36"

£187.50 - £193.50
Ely White Primed Fire Door

Ely White Primed Fire Door

Primed | Deanta Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"

Ely Oak Fire Door

Ely Oak Fire Door

Unfinished | Oak | Deanta Doors
610mm - 926mm / 24" - 36"

£153.00 - £159.00
Ely White Primed Glazed Fire Door

Ely White Primed Glazed Fire Door

Primed | Deanta Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"


The vertical central panel design suggests the look of a rustic ledge and brace barn door. But, with Deanta's Ely oak door range, you still have the reassurance of a modern, engineered solid core. There's no need to be concerned about warping, splintering or cracking. The robust construction means this oak internal door will stay looking lovely for its entire life.

If you want to soak your home in a vintage country vibe, then an Ely internal door by Deanta is perfect.

What is an Ely Internal Door?

The Ely door range from Deanta takes the classic cottage door appearance and gives it a modern tweak. It features a vertical panel design in the centre, with 3mm groves on the surface. This tongue and groove effect echoes the brace construction used in traditional farmhouses and cottages.

Around that basic design, there is plenty of space to modify and vary the style and appearance. With Deanta's range, you can choose between a glossy golden oak door or a crisp white finish, and there's a wide choice of sizes available too.

Why choose one of our Ely Doors?

An Ely door brings an air of cottage comfort to any room, though its clean lines and classic styling makes it versatile enough to suit any design theme.

All Ely oak doors are solid core. This means that stunning oak veneer is laid over a solid engineered wood core. An Ely door is stable, sturdy, and long-lasting regardless of which specific design you pick.

The flexible choice

The chameleon look of the Ely door range isn't the only way it's versatile. It's also flexible in size.

The whole range is available in a number of width and height measurements to fit standard door frames. But, for even more versatility, you can also trim them down.

Both the white and oak door options come with an 18mm solid lipping. This means that up to 32mm can be taken off the width without compromising the structure or stability of the door.

What options are available with an Ely Oak Door?

With their Ely door, Deanta offers a range of options to help you customise the look, function and cost of your internal door.


The Ely internal door range comes in two colour options. You can pick between American white/oak veneer. While the oak door is steeped in elegance, the bright American white will bring a brilliant point of contrast to any colour decor.

With the Ely door, Deanta uses a crown cut oak veneer. This type of cut creates a strong grain pattern in the wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the oak. It adds yet further depth to the appeal of these internal doors, giving them a look of luxury and expense.


Anyone looking to match their door to a complex colour scheme will be pleased to know the Ely door is available in a range of finishes.

If you're looking for a door that's ready to hang, some doors in the Ely range by Deanta are available prefinished. With their rich solid oak veneer, picking a prefinished Deanta door doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style either. It will still look stunning without you getting your hands sticky with wood stain or wax.

Or, if you prefer the freedom to customise your door completely, you can choose a primed or unfinished door. An unfinished door will take more effort before it's finished the flexibility and appearance will prove the work is worth it.

An unfinished oak veneer door needs priming before you can use stain or wax to alter its colour. It will also need sealing somehow before it is finished and ready to use. This will maximise the life span of your door and stop it from warping or discolouring.

With a white primed door, you can enjoy an easier middle ground. You can choose your paint colour and whether you want a matt, satin or gloss look when it's finished. And once you've chosen your paint, you can start slicking it straight on - no primer necessary.


If you want to let the light flow through your home, a glazed Ely door is for you.

The multiple panels of the half glazed Ely door bring as much in style as it does in light. Whereas the simplicity of the full glazed door will flood your rooms with warmth and sunshine, without losing any aesthetic appeal.

Fire Doors

Some of our Ely internal doors are even available as a fire door. These solid core doors are constructed by Deanta to withstand fire for up to 30 mins. They'll stand in the way of flames and smoke to keep your house safe.

Fire doors are slightly thicker than other types of internal doors. In the case of the Ely door, this means they are 44mm thick.

With their Ely door, Deanta meets the standards set by the British Woodworking Federation to earn an FD30 rating. Perfect for protecting your home if the worst should happen.

Our Guarantee

We are confident in the excellent quality of every door we stock here at Express Doors Direct. This is why we offer a 10-year warranty on all our Ely range doors. We doubt you'll need to make use of this guarantee, but if you do, you can see more information about it on our guarantee page.

Do these prices inc VAT?

Yes, every price you see on our site already includes VAT. The price you see is the price you pay.

Get in touch

Have any questions about a door in our Ely range? Need help picking an internal door that fits? You can contact us easily via phone, email or via this website. Visit our contact page to find out how.

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