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Internal Bifold Doors with Glass

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The Express Doors Direct Internal Bifold Doors with Glass Range

Internal bifold doors with glass are perfect for lightening and brightening your home. Bifold doors are popular for large doorways and openings in open plan living spaces.

If you would like to keep the open plan feel but still create distinct rooms when you want, bifold doors with glass are the ideal choice. Glazed bifold doors are unobtrusive when open but, when closed, they can help you create separate spaces without sacrificing light flow.

How do internal bifold doors work?

Bifold doors are made up of several different panels which are attached with hinges and fold together when opened. Unlike a standard door that swings open, bifold doors fold like an accordion so the panels are neatly compacted and out of the way when open. Due to their opening mechanism, internal bifold doors are also known as folding doors or concertina doors.

Internal bifold doors are much like their external counterparts and operate in a similar way. External bifold doors, which are popular as patio doors, are built a bit differently though as they need to withstand the elements and offer greater security. Our internal bifold doors are built with style and everyday usage in mind. A bifold door operates on a track mechanism to ensure the doors slide open smoothly and the panels stay aligned. Our internal folding doors are top hung, meaning that this track mechanism is set into the door frame instead of the floor. This creates a neater and sleeker look and ensures when your bifold doors are open, your living space is uninterrupted.

Why choose bi fold doors with glass?

Style and versatility

Internal bifold doors with glass are a stunning feature, blending aesthetics with functionality. Bi folding doors look grander and more elegant than typical internal doors and are often chosen for their stylish appearance. Bi fold doors offer a lot of choices when it comes to materials, designs and styles so there is something to suit any interior. For example, a modern home may choose white bi fold doors with large glass panels; a traditional home may opt for an oak bi fold door with frosted decorative glass. With our wide range of glazed internal bi fold doors, handles, hardware and mouldings, you can choose a door to complement your home.

Perfect for wide doorways

Internal bi fold doors are much better suited to wide openings than your typical door. As standard doors are hung at the side with hinges, they can't handle greater weights which wider doorways and glass create. However, since bi folding door sets are top hung along a track, the weight is spread out further and more evenly distributed. For open-plan living spaces, or renovated homes where walls have been knocked through creating large openings, internal bi fold doors are a very practical choice.

Increased light flow

Internal bifold doors with glazing are terrific at improving light flow through your living spaces. One of the most appealing things about an open plan space is the lighter, larger and airy feel of the space. Bifold doors won't hamper this, they will simply allow you more control over your space.

When fully open, bifold doors fold back neatly and won't take up much space so you can benefit from your open plan living area. You also have the option to only open one or two of the panels if you want to section out your space but still encourage light flow. With glazed internal bifold doors, even when the doors are fully closed, ample light will still be able to flow through from one space to the next. So, if you want to close off your dining room from the living room, or your kitchen from your living space, with internal bi folding doors you can still maintain that airy open feel.

Glazing options for bifold doors

There are lots of options when it comes to glazing your bifold doors. Whether you want as much glass as possible or just small amounts to add a decorative touch, there will be an internal folding door to suit. Here are some of the options when it comes to glazing:

  • Panels

If you want internal bifold doors with glass, you will have to consider what sort of glass panels you would like. Large unbroken sheets of clear glass will offer optimum light flow through your home and create quite a modern and minimal look. If you are looking for something more decorative, you may consider bifold doors with multiple panels of glass. These panels can be vertically or horizontally stacked and can come in different kinds of glass.

  • Frosted glass vs clear glass

Your bifold doors can include different kinds of glass - frosted or clear. Both kinds of glass will add more visual interest to your folding doors when compared to plain unglazed internal bifold doors. Clear glass will let through slightly more light and create a more open feel between rooms. If you are looking for a way to increase light flow but still maintain privacy, frosted glass in your bifolding doors is a good option. When closed, bifolds with frosted glass will ensure you can't see straight into the other room - this can reduce visual distractions and make your rooms feel more segmented.

The type of glass and panel design will influence the look and style of your internal bifold doors. With so much choice available in our range, you are sure to find bifold doors which complement your taste and home.

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