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Internal Door Handles

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The Express Doors Direct Internal Door Handles Range

The all-important finishing touch to your internal doors Internal door handles are often overlooked as a design feature but they can add the final flourish that elevates any room. From a bold brass doorknob on a Victorian panel door to a polished chrome lever handle on a sleek flush door, picking the right handle can be a key design decision.

To help you choose a handle that suits your internal doors, we offer a range of handles from brands such as Climadoor and Intelligent Hardware. Available in single or dual colours, including contrasting satin and polished chrome, all our doors come with a matching latch and keep so you can get find all your door furniture in one place.

Handles, hinges and other door furniture are the finishing details that can make all the difference to the look of your internal door. Even your whole room.

Finish an ultra-modern design scheme with a polished chrome handle, or give your vintage home the perfect period touch with a brass doorknob. It's easy to underestimate the impact a door handle can have on the final finish of your door, but get it right and the effect will be immediate.

Internal door handles that match your style

When you've spent hours deciding between internal door styles, finishes and constructions, it's tempting to just choose the first handle you see. But taking the time to find the correct handle is always worth it. A bright brass doorknob will add period elegance to a traditional interior, while a sleek polished chrome handle can add a modern twist to a minimalist design.

Picking the right handle is a choice that can take a standard interior design scheme and make it spectacular.

Here at Express Direct Doors, we offer a wide variety of different styles so that we have a selection to match every person's tastes.

Tapered or Straight Lever Door Handles

We offer a range of lever handles that can suit most interior designs. From the chunky curved lever of the Allestree Door Handle to the sophisticated taper of the Bakewell Handle, we have lever on rose handle designs to suit your style.

Pick Between Square or Round Rose

Our handle collection also comes in a range of rose options. Whether you want a traditional round rose or a more modern square-shaped one, we'll have a number of options to choose from.

Polished Chrome or Matt Black Options

If you're looking for a versatile satin or polished chrome handle we have a whole collection to consider. But if you want something a little more unusual we also stock a selection of matt black door handles, ideal for matching a statement door and which wonderfully complement the current trend of industrial interiors.

Complete Door Handle Packs

All the internal door handles we sell come in a full handle pack. This includes your choice of handle including the rose or backplate, a door latch and a set of butt hinges. These are all designed to match the individual style of the handle, including colours and finishes.

If you order your internal door and your handles from Express, you'll receive everything you need to hang your door at once.

Privacy Packs Available

Many of our door handle packs are also available in a privacy pack. These also come with matching hinges, but feature a stylish thumb turn lock handle, to help you bring privacy where you need it. Brilliant for bathrooms and toilets alike.

What are the different types of door handles?

When it's time to choose those all-important final touches for your doors,

Lever On Rose or Backplate

This modern handle design features a long horizontal handle attached to a large backplate or small rose.


When most people think of a handle they will picture a brass doorknob. This traditional round handle operates the latch and opens by turning the knob.

Thumb Turns

These small, sleek handles are usually used in bathrooms. They feature a very simple locking mechanism, making them perfect for places where a certain level of privacy is required without the security of a full lock.

They can be used in conjunction with another handle when you need to be able to close them without locking too.

Is it easy to change internal door handles?

People may think you need to wait until you buy new internal doors to add new handles. But you can actually change the handles on most internal doors without too much struggle.

The key is to find a new handle that is the same size as the one you are replacing. This way, you can do a straight swap of the latch mechanism without having to core out any more of your door or fill any remaining gaps.

So if your brass handle has lost its shine, but your door still looks crisp and clean, you can invest in a new gleaming polished chrome handle. It's a quick, simple way to change up the look of your doors without the cost of replacing them.

Are internal door handles standard sizes?

There is not a 'one size fits all' door handle. This means that it is important to properly measure up and understand the size of your door before you order your lock.

The outer facing part of the lock will, including the backplate or rose, will generally be standardised. But the workings of door handles come in different sizes. The latch that fits into the door to hold it closed, and the keep that fits into the door frame, can be different depths.

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