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White Internal Bifold Doors

Internal bifold doors in white are sleek and modern. When you choose interior bi fold doors, you can enjoy a large, open living area or opt to section your space into private, distinct rooms.

White Internal Bifold Doors
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The Express Doors Direct White Internal Bifold Doors Range

Their flexibility has made bifold doors an increasingly popular choice in modern homes, or during home refurbishments.

Why Opt for White?

White is a popular choice in interior design because it goes with anything! Whatever your decor, a white internal folding door won't look out of place. It's also clean and fresh. White internal doors don't attract too much attention, leaving you to choose feature aspects of your room.

Internal bifolding doors with white frames will only increase that feeling of space. As white reflects light, it makes areas appear larger.

What are Internal Bifold Doors?

Internal bifold doors, also known as folding doors or concertina doors, are a type of door which folds together to open. Unlike a standard door that swings open, a bifold door consists of several panels which fold like an accordion when opened. These panels are hinged together and run along a track for neat and smooth operation. To avoid an annoying track set into your floor, our bi fold doors are top hung. This means the track is set into the top of the door frame so it is out of sight and won't impose on your interior.

Internal bi fold doors are much like their exterior counterparts which have long been popular as patio doors. They operate in a similar fashion, are space-efficient when open and have the same modern, elegant appearance. However, bi folding internal doors have been built to suit everyday living spaces, instead of having to offer home security and weatherproofing.

Benefits of Internal Bi fold Doors

Brighten your home

If you are looking for doors that will help to brighten your home, a bi fold door set is a great option. Bi folding doors are often utilised in wide doorways so when they are in their open, compact position, these doors allow maximum light flow through your rooms. Even if only one or two panels are open, this can make a big difference, especially when compared to typical interior doors.

If you choose internal bi fold doors with glazing, this can improve natural light even further. Even when closed, these doors will allow light to flow freely through your home, brightening any room which may need it. Our bi fold doors come with many options for glasswork. If brightness ia a concern, bi fold doors with large, unbroken glass panels would be recommended. What's more, white coloured internal folding doors will only help increase the light and airy feel.


Bifolding doors are very versatile when it comes to styles and design. If you want them to match your interiors, there are many different finishes, materials and style options. From oak bifold doors or white bi fold doors to primed doors which you can paint yourself in any colour, the choice is yours.

Our ranges of interior bifold doors are available fully finished, pre-finished/white primed or unfinished. This allows you the choice of a finished, ready to hang door, or the chance to paint and finish your new bifolds to your heart's content.

Open plan living

One of the most desirable benefits of folding doors is that they allow the perfect balance between open plan living and privacy. You can choose an open plan living space or distinct rooms whenever you wish. Popular between kitchens and living spaces, or a living room and dining room, bi fold doors offer flexibility. When retracted, folding sliding doors do not impose on your living space, creating a free-flowing area perfect for socialising. However, should you want private, undisturbed spaces for different family members, you can simply close the doors.

Choices for white interior bifold doors


One of the biggest style choices will be whether you want glazing or unglazed doors. Glazed bifold doors can incorporate glass in varying ways - some doors could be mostly glass and some may only incorporate minimal decorative glass. Another choice to consider is whether you want clear glass or frosted glass. Clear glass offers the maximum brightness and visibility, whereas frosted glass adds increased privacy between spaces.

If privacy between spaces is a primary concern, solid internal bi fold doors are a good choice. Here, your internal folding doors are made up of solid panels instead of incorporating any glass. Solid bi fold doors will help you separate rooms effectively when you want, tend to be cheaper than glazed doors and can also offer better sound dampening.


We offer bifolds to suit a variety of budgets. If you like the look of internal folding doors but are looking for ways to keep costs down, simpler styles and doors without glazing tend to be cheaper. We also offer bifold door systems with different compositions to match the budgets of different customers. Our engineered oak options are high quality, long-lasting and warp-resistant. However, our lightweight hollow core products are a cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.


White interior doors are a popular style and we have a variety of designs available to choose from. Our range includes minimal, contemporary, Shaker-style and traditional style bifolds. To add the finishing touches to your folding doors, we also offer a selection of handles and hardware.

A white internal bi fold door will complement nearly any interior design. If you are looking for a bifold door that will blend into your home and keep the space feeling fresh and bright, a white door is a perfect choice.

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