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Installing a Christmas tree arch above your front door sets the perfect tone for Christmas. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through creating a unique and welcoming archway that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We’ve put together some inspiring ideas for creating Christmas tree arches too, so you can find the right look to suit your home.  

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, this project gives you a fun way to create a warm atmosphere during the festive season.

How to Make a Front Door Arch: The Basics

Before getting creative with your archway, it’s important to lay the groundwork. Build a sound structure and plan out your design to create the best impression, creating some festive magic!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Start by gathering the materials you need to make and secure your archway. Ensure you have everything on hand to make the process smooth and enjoyable. 

There are various ways to build an archway, so you’ll need to decide which one suits you first. See step 5 for more details, and get your materials list together. 

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Make your archway stand out by choosing a theme that complements your Christmas decor. From traditional to contemporary, it’s best to choose a theme that resonates with your personal style and creates a cohesive look for your home. Take a look at our inspiration below. 

Step 3: Measure and Plan

Measure your door frame and plan the archway’s dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. 

Step 4: Select Quality Materials

Explore a variety of materials that not only enhance the visual appeal of your archway but also withstand the outdoor elements. We recommend choosing durable and weather-resistant options that suit the UK climate, ensuring your creation lasts throughout the festive season. You can forage for greenery to use, keeping costs down too. Make sure you do this responsibly, take a look at these tips from the Woodland Trust

Step 5: Buy or Build the Archway Frame

There are various ways to build a sturdy archway frame. You can buy a pre-made structure that’s ready to decorate or make your own version using chicken wire and floral foam. Take a look at this useful how to guide and put your diy skills to the test:

@casalawson Christmas Door Arch Tutorial 🎄🎅🏻 #christmasarch #christmasdoor #christmasdiy #christmasdecor ♬ Christmas At Hogwarts – The London Studio Orchestra

Or have a go at this different method, that builds up using an existing garland:

Step 6: Add Festive Decorations

Now comes the fun part – decorating your arch! There are so many creative ideas and different festive elements that capture the Christmas spirit. From twinkling string lights to baubles and lush greenery, you can choose your favourites to achieve a welcoming and magical atmosphere.

Decorating: 5 Door Garland Ideas 

The best looking front door decorations tend to have a theme, so all the products you choose look great together. It’s best to give this some thought before you get started, so you can gather foliage, baubles and decorations that fit your design. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  1. Winter Wonderland Arch
  • Transform your entrance into a magical winter wonderland by using frosty elements. We recommend white LED lights, snow-dusted pine cones, and silver ornaments to create an elegant winter wonderland. This frost-kissed arch not only welcomes guests but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home’s entrance, creating a welcoming atmosphere that lasts throughout the season.
  1. Whimsical Nutcracker Scene
  • Transport your guests into a world of holiday enchantment with a Nutcracker-themed arch. Get the look by using oversized Nutcracker figures, vibrant red and green ribbons, and a cascade of golden jingle bells. This unique and eye-catching archway not only captures the spirit of the season but also adds a sense of joy and playfulness.
  1. Classic English Charm
  • Embrace the timeless elegance of a classic English Christmas with an arch covered in lush greenery and vibrant red berries. Use traditional holly branches, ivy, and red berry garlands for a sophisticated yet inviting entrance. This arch exudes warmth and charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of the season.
  1. Victorian Splendor
  • Transport your front door to the grandeur of a Victorian Christmas with an arch adorned in fresh foliage and lush velvet bows. Choose rich, deep colors like burgundy and forest green to evoke a sense of opulence. This opulent arch not only adds a touch of historical charm to period homes but also creates a welcoming entrance that captivates the eye.
  1. Beautiful Baubles
  • Simple yet effective, an arch covered in baubles could be one of the most striking choices. Choose a colour theme and mix up the sizes for the best effects. Group baubles together using pipe cleaners to secure them for maximum impact.   

Other Tips and Tricks for a Stunning Doorway Arch

Get your arch right the first time with our extra tips. 

How do you attach garland to a door?

Most garlands do need some nails or screws to keep them in place. You can add these to your wall where necessary. For a no-damage installation, you could buy or create a free standing archway. However, winter weather can be severe, so securing your archway helps to keep your decorations safe and damage-free. 

How do you make a fresh door garland?

To create a fresh garland, select flexible twigs like white pine for your base. Shape them into your desired form, measuring your doorway for length. Securely wrap the branches with floral wire, trimming excess wire with cutters. Intertwine additional sprigs for fullness, ensuring a lush, welcoming display.

How long does garland need to be for a door?

To determine the ideal garland length, measure the height of both door frame sides plus the width across the top; this sum equals the minimum required length. For a draped effect or pooling at the base, add extra length to your measurements.

Enjoy Your Christmas Decor

As you put the finishing touches on your festive door archway, step back and admire the welcoming atmosphere you’ve created. Embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy the smiles of those who pass through your beautifully trimmed doorway. Happy decorating!

For more festive how-to’s and inspiration, don’t forget to take a look at our guide to hanging a front door wreath, hacks for a stress-free Christmas and tension rod garland hack.

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