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Christmas is a magical time, filled with wonder. But as a homeowner, you can often be the one in charge of creating that magical atmosphere. Such a task is not easy and it certainly isn’t stress-free. So how do you calm the chaos and feel in control over the festive season? By taking any shortcuts you can!

Yes, there are some life hacks for making Christmas run more smoothly. From decorations to entertaining, cooking and wrapping we’ve rounded up the best into this quick and useful guide. 

Christmas home hacks

Christmas Decoration Hacks:

Festive decorations certainly help to make your home feel special, but putting up, taking down and storage can be a hassle. Luckily, there are some clever solutions to some of the biggest Christmas decoration gripes.  

  1. Pick up stray pine needles with duct tape. You’ll get them cleared in no time!
  2. Clean dust off tinsel or artificial trees by placing a pair of tights over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. It’s effective, quick and careful. 
  3. Dust fragile tree decorations with a soft paintbrush, it’s the gentlest way to get them looking clean and shiny again. 
  4. Harden tree sap with hand sanitiser, hairspray or ice before scraping off the carpet. It will come off much more easily.
  5. Wrap tree lights around cardboard to store tidily for next year. Save yourself the nightmare of having to untangle them when it’s time to decorate. 
  6. Use plastic cups to safely store glass ornaments, or reuse wrapping paper to protect them. Both fantastic ways to reuse, and to reduce breakages. Keep all your delicate decorations safe for next year.
  7. Christmas cards taking up lots of room? Create a card hanging feature with string or ribbon. We love hanging them over our internal doors – there’s plenty of room for lots of cards.  

Presents and Wrapping Hacks:

Gift-giving can be very rewarding, but all that wrapping and unwrapping can create mess and stress. Here are some tips to make things easier.

  1. Make cleaning away torn and shredded wrapping paper a game for the kids. They’ll have fun with all the shiny wrap and you’ll end up with a tidy house!
  2. Put down a sheet or blanket to catch wrapping, glitter and other bits of rubbish as kids open presents. Unwrapping can be a messy business, just pick up the sheet and it’s cleared in one go.
  3. Wrapping paper rolls unravelling? Slip an empty toilet roll over the top to keep in place. It keeps things tidy & saves paper getting damaged. 
  4. Ribbon everywhere? Loop the ribbon and then secure in the middle with a paperclip to keep it tidy and organised. 
  5. Emergency cards! Have a pile of signed cards ready to quickly add a name for someone you forgot! It’s a great way to save face and spread Christmas cheer rather than making a festive faux pas.

Christmas Dinner Hacks:

A fabulous Christmas dinner is top of many of our wish lists but the pressure to cook and get something amazing on the table can get too much. Get prepared beforehand with these handy hacks. 

  1. Defrost and clean the freezer ready to store party food and leftovers. It’s a simple idea, but you don’t want all that festive food going to waste. 
  2. Get silverware shiny with a baking soda & salt bath.
  3. Clean the roasting dish for your turkey in advance with a cream cleaner or mix baking soda & hydrogen peroxide.

Quick Cleaning Hacks to Prepare for Guests:

Chances are you’ll have guests round to visit at some point over the festive period and you’ll want your home to look its best. You might have the odd unexpected visitor too. Here’s how to keep your home looking spot on in a matter of minutes!

  1. Use a lint roller to clean upholstery quickly. You’ll pick up dust and stray hairs, making your home look much cleaner. 
  2. Keep multi-purpose wipes handy for quick spot cleaning. There’s nothing worse than having to get all your cleaning supplies out again for a little spill!
  3. Light candles with a festive fragrance. This will set a lovely festive atmosphere in your home and help mask any cooking smells. 
  4. Pour a can of coke into the toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour, then flush – spotless!

Hacks for After the Big Day:

The fun and frivolities are over, and getting everything back to a good place might feel like a massive chore. Here are some hacks for an easier post-Christmas clean-up.

  1. Clean off artificial snow with a ceramic scraper, followed by a solution of two parts water & one part vinegar. This will make it much easier to remove. 
  2. Use a lint roller or duct tape to pick up stray glitter. It gets everywhere!
  3. Place a paper towel over any spilt candle wax and heat with a hairdryer to remove it. The melted wax will be absorbed helping it to lift away from fabrics, leaving less damage.
  4. Use a turkey baster to remove any water from the Christmas Tree base to avoid spillage. You don’t want to ruin your carpets as you’re taking down the tree. 
  5. Get hard to reach crumbs and dust from tight crevices with a butter knife wrapped in tape (sticky side out of course!).
  6. Remove unpleasant odours by leaving a bowl of hot water and vinegar out overnight. It sounds like it might be smelly but it actually helps absorb odour, leaving your home feeling fresh.

Now you can cheat your way to a stress-free Christmas and find more time to enjoy the festivities! Go on, have that extra glass of wine 😉

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