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The front door is going to offer the vital first impression of your home to all visitors, so it’s only natural that you’d want to make the most of it. Choosing the right exterior door in the right material, with the right colour and in the right design, is (of course) the first vital element to consider, but what else can you do to really accentuate your home’s focal entryway? A door canopy is the most obvious and cost-effective solution.

Canopies provide an attractive framing device for your front door that not only offer a degree of shade from the sun and protection from the elements, but an added aesthetic that can be decidedly traditional, defiantly contemporary or a little of both.

Below, we’ll take you through a number of ideas and concepts that you might want to consider before installing your very own front door canopy and transforming your porch from a simple doorway into a grand entrance.

What are the Types of Door Canopy?

door canopy in white with grey tiles

Whether you want to keep is basic and traditional or really push the boat out and invest in something completely unique that will really dazzle and delight your guests, there are a number of different styles to consider.

The Vintage

These really look the part when mounted above a cottage door or above the front door in an old-fashioned terraced house, but could look equally at home (pun very much intended) offering a little juxtaposition in a more modern home. These door canopy styles are generally constructed from rust-proof aluminium, which will have been treated to resemble wrought iron. These metal brackets will often be holding up a pane of toughened glass for protection, though the shelf could also be made from metal or even wood. This Victorian style door canopy will lend any porch an innately imposing and classic look, which is perfectly suited to period properties. It’s also a design that’s surprisingly flexible, with a number of bracket and shelving configurations available for the right price.

The Arch

Elegant, clean and reliable, an arched design is a more modern and conventional approach that you’ll often find in new-build housing developments. Less fussy and ostentatious than the vintage style, these canopies are generally quite small and unassuming, but offer a greater degree of rain protection, due to the curved design (allowing water to run off the canopy) and the more durable building materials.

The Greenhurst

A more affordable and understated option that offers a similar degree of protection to the arched design, but at a cheaper price, these canopies are easy to install and can really help bring out a brighter coloured front door. This style should suit any modern home and is made from UV resistant resin, which means that whilst it will protect your home from the rain, it won’t stop the sunlight from getting through. The design of this Georgian style door canopy is simple, but effective, with a minimalist approach that makes an impression without making too much of a statement.

The Traditional

A perfect traditional door canopy for a cottage or more modern home, this rustic design certainly makes a statement, with a large, slanted roof and side panels that help it really stand out in any situation. These door canopies often act like mini roofs, complete with a gutter, which makes them perfect for areas that see a great deal of rain. Speaking of which, the slanted roof can also be tiled to match the roof of your home and as the projection is that much deeper than your average canopy, it feels that much more secure and like a legitimate part of your home, rather than just a neat decoration.

The Mono Pitch

Very common in red-bricked terraced houses across the UK, these canopies generally come in a variety of colours and will be coated in a UV stabilizer to ensure greater durability. The canopies tend to be wider than many of those listed above, with the slanted roof mounted on brackets that are often built from wood. It’s essentially a more cost-effective and less imposing variant on the Traditional, with a design that is subtle and remarkably efficient. As with the Traditional design, this porch canopy can be decorated with tiles to match your roof and help it really assimilate with the design of your home.

The Bespoke

Of course, if neither of the styles above fit the bill, designing your very own canopy is certainly an option. Maybe you would prefer a more secure and contemporary polycarbonate design? Or perhaps you wish to line your door canopy with LED lights? You may even decide to add extra columns and pillars to your canopy to give it a regal and commanding design? If you can dream it, it can more than likely be done.

Which Door Canopy Should I Choose?

front door with canopy

This is a question of personal taste that should not be taken lightly, as style is very much objective when it comes to decorating your home. Fitting the right canopy to the right house is an art form in and of itself, with the countless door canopy designs to choose from only complicating matters. However, there are certain tips to consider that should help point you in the right direction and help you figure out how to choose a door canopy yourself.


As your canopy will ostensibly be framing your front door, it’s of paramount importance that the colours work well together. You’ll find most canopies in classic whites, blacks and greys, all of which will pair well with most common door colours, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Logic dictates that if you have a green door then a green canopy is the way to go, but often this can result in the canopy blending into the background a little, so maybe experiment with complimentary colours instead?


Wooden door canopy ideas are more common as the material is more readily available and popular. Wood also pairs well with brickwork. However, whilst many of the designs listed above do utilise wooden parts, they can also include glass and metal, which offer a completely different aesthetic. The key is in balancing what works aesthetically with what works logically.

Wooden Door Canopies

A wooden door canopy is constructed from the most traditional materials for canopies including wood, with slate or lead roofing. Wooden door canopies come in a variety of styles, usually with gallows brackets. Nothing can quite beat the look of a wooden canopy on a period home and although longevity and upkeep can be a concern, today’s canopies are made from treated hardwood and if looked after, will last a lifetime. 

Wood can also be painted, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to making the canopy fit in with the style of your house. A decorative external door canopy made from wood gives a warm, welcoming atmosphere to everyone who approaches your door.

Glass Door Canopies

A glass door canopy is usually made out of toughened safety glass and stainless steel and makes a stunning addition to the front of your house. Big ticks for glass canopies are durability, weather resistance and a thin profile giving sleek looks. The support brackets needed don’t interfere with the lines of glass canopies, adding to the overall design aesthetic. 

Polycarbonate Door Canopies

A polycarbonate door canopy is easy to fit. long lasting and an alternative to glass if you are looking for a transparent canopy. Polycarbonate canopies as well as being strong and durable are available in a variety of finishes and colours due to the flexibility of the material. 

GRP Canopies

A Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) door canopy offers you a traditional looking canopy made from modern materials that will cost you a lot less than canopy made out of wood or brick. GRP canopies come in a wide variety of styles, imitating slate roofs and wooden soffits with the advantages of being cheaper, easier to maintain and longer lasting.

Metal Door Canopies

A metal door canopy is usually made out of galvanised steel or iron and offers a stylish canopy for your front door that is timeless and oozes quality. Metal canopies come in a surprising variety of styles from curved Roman lattice canopies to traditional Georgian door canopies. More expensive for sure, but very classy.   


Flowers and lights are the most obvious and affordable decorations that could really help transform an otherwise rather bland and basic canopy into a proper statement. Hanging baskets are always a safe option, but if you want to go a step further, why not hang LED lights and greenery from the roof of the canopy itself? This can be particularly effective around Christmas time.


There is bound to be a design among those covered earlier that suits your home and your existing front door, but don’t jump to conclusions before considering your options. Just because your home could be loosely classified as ‘contemporary,’ that doesn’t mean you should automatically choose a style that is traditionally associated with modern homes. Sometimes, it’s in the subtle blend of the classic and the contemporary that the real magic happens, so try some modern door canopy ideas on your traditional home if it feels right to you! Ultimately, every home is different and every homeowner will have different tastes, so don’t be afraid to buck convention if it feels right for your house.

Fitting a Door Canopy

If you’re a little more adventurous and capable with a toolbox, there are a wealth of DIY door awning and canopy ideas to consider. A canopy is generally a relatively easy install, with the porch separate enough from the rest of the home that any mistakes made shouldn’t be completely cataclysmic. That being said, perhaps working with a professional might allow your dream canopy porch designs to come to fruition if your front door awning ideas are a little on the ambitious side.

A door canopy might not be the ‘sexiest’ idea when it comes to sprucing up your front porch, but it is by far the most practical. It will also add a decent amount of value to your home and could even help it stand out from the flock if you’re considering selling up. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you realise just how valuable and how vital a front door canopy can be and have offered a few key ideas that should set you on the path to the perfect canopy for you and (of course) for your home.

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