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With technology ever-expanding, we’re seeing a rise in smart gadgets purchased for the home. There’s a vast range of security and thermal-efficiency gadgets on the market today, and stats suggest that we’re really on-board with them. 

Many of you will have been lucky enough to be gifted a Ring video doorbell for Christmas. While these gadgets are great for increasing the security on your home, it can be difficult to know where to get started when it comes to setting them up. Take a look at our handy guide, and become a technology pro.

What are Ring Doorbells?

Ring video doorbells are an alternative to standard doorbells and door knockers. They’re smart devices that allow you to see and speak to visitors of your property; whether you’re at home, work or on vacation.

Ring doorbells are incredibly easy to install and simple to use. With a relatively inexpensive price tag, a Ring doorbell is a purchase that you won’t regret.

How Do Ring Doorbells Work?

A Ring video doorbell is a smart device that runs from your home’s Wi-Fi network and is connected to your smartphone. Ring doorbells have video recording software that sends a notification to the attached smartphone alerting homeowners that someone is at their front door, and sends them a live video feed. Users can interact with visitors via this device as it has speakers and microphones inbuilt.

How to Install a Ring Doorbell

Installation and use of a Ring video doorbell is really simple. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a Ring doorbell yourself. As well as the best location for the smart device and how you connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Best Placement for Your Ring Doorbell

The location for your Ring video doorbell largely depends on your outside area. Ideally, you want to place the doorbell as close to your front door as possible. For the height, make sure it sits at the eye level of a standard height so you can easily see the visitor through the camera.

If you don’t have a ‘safe place’ for parcels, ensure your camera is in a position where parcels can be left by the door and watched through the doorbell at all times.

Installing Your Ring doorbell

  1. Charge and install the battery that comes with the Ring doorbell.
  2. Turn off the power to your current doorbell. Uninstall the doorbell and keep it in a safe place should you ever need it.
  3. Find the desired placement for your doorbell and, if needed, mark any areas that need to be drilled.
  4. Use an electric drill to create holes in your wall.
  5. Connect the two wires to the two screws that are found on the back of the Ring doorbell.
  6. Once connected, mount the doorbell using the screws found in the Ring doorbell box.
  7. If you’re mounting your doorbell into brick or concrete, use wall anchors during installation.
  8. Inside the Ring doorbell box you’ll find a variation of faceplates. Attach a faceplate to the doorbell.
  9. Turn the power for the doorbell back on.
  10. Download the Ring app on your phone.

How to Connect Your Ring Doorbell to Your Smartphone

Once you’ve downloaded the Ring app, you need to sign-up and log in. After logging in, follow the steps to connect your Ring device to your phone.

For the Wi-Fi, there is a button on the Ring doorbell that sits in the upper right corner. Press this button and, on your smartphone, select the Ring Wi-fi network. Head over to the Ring app, select your home’s Wi-Fi connection and input your password.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

The Ring doorbell comes with a rechargeable battery so you won’t need to run out and purchase batteries if the device stops working. As a guide, the battery on a Ring doorbell lasts between 6 and 12-months before it needs recharging.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when looking at the battery life for a Ring doorbell. If your Ring doorbell is picking up constant motion, this will drain the battery quite quickly. It’s advised to install the doorbell out of site from any movement such as close-by trees, bushes and roads. Also, in colder climates, the battery of a Ring doorbell will drain considerably faster than when in mild or warm climates.

How Long Do They Take to Charge?

On average, a Ring doorbell can take anywhere between 5 – 10 hours to full charge. Once charging, the blue ring on the device will flash. The blue ring is divided into sections. Each section that lights up indicates how much charge it has. Once fully charged, the blue light will resemble a solid ring.

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