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Exterior bifold doors are a great way to frame your beautiful garden. Sliding doors make way for a seamless blend between your living space and the outdoors. But how do you choose which fantastic frames to use on your bifolds? Wood, oak, upvc – the choices are endless – then there’s the colour!

There are a couple of factors to take into account when it comes to choosing bifolds:

  • Type of property – Period home / New Build / Contemporary Self-Build / Eco
  • What kind of statement you want to make – Sleek, modern, minimalistic or traditional, natural and rustic

Don’t worry, we’ve done the leg work for you – here’s our guide to choosing the right bifolds for your home:

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold frame profiles are precision engineered. They are high performing and thermally sound.

White Aluminium Bifold Doors

White aluminium bifold doors have the instant effect of brightening a room, even when there is not much window to let natural light in. White frames are a popular choice as many homes feature white UPVc window frames, and when possible, people like everything to match.

Grey Aluminium Bifold Doors

When white is too traditional and black is a step too far out of your comfort zone, why not try grey frames? Anthracite grey bifold doors are particularly popular at the moment. Grey is the perfect neutral colour base for most styles and colour palettes – non offensive but also not too conformist. Grey frames have the same outlining effect as black frames, in that they draw the eye outside, but it is a little less harsh and contrasting.

Grey frames are a good compromise when you have a period home, but would like to make more of a modern statement, without the two styles clashing. Grey aluminium bifolds will also look timeless in a more contemporary build.

Black Aluminium Bifold Doors

Black aluminium bifold doors are hot right now! It would seem that every architecture or interior magazine we flip through, these beautifully simple and contemporary frames jump out at us. These are definitely statement windows – sleek and stark. Black bifolds work better on larger areas – at least 4 panels/whole walls, if you want them to have full effect. Slimline frames work well in black, and work wonderfully in mid-century homes or contemporary new-builds.

The dark colour draws the eye to the scene framed within, and makes the greens hues of the garden and the blues of the sky or a pool pop in contrast.

Oak Bifold Doors

So you want to go for the natural look? Then oak bifold doors are the perfect option for you. What is more natural looking and reminiscent of our natural surroundings than wood? Wooden frames are particularly beautiful when looking out over a wooded area or a cottage garden.

Oak bifold doors are not just for people who are lucky enough to live out in the countryside, or in a period property – bring a little bit of nature into your urban dwelling, and soften your living/dining space. If you only have a small but beautiful outdoor space, this is the perfect marriage between inside and out.

There are no strict rules as to which colour to pick when choosing your bifolds, but hopefully these snippets of advice will help with your decision making. Ultimately – pick whichever colour appeals to you – you’re the one who will be staring at it in the years to come!

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