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Some people invest heavily into their front door, while others try to keep it cheap and cheerful. Neither is incorrect. However, it’s always best to invest a little more into your front door when security is concerned. For anything else, such as hardware, colours and finishes, it doesn’t really matter where you decide to spend your money.

For some, the front door isn’t a big deal. Having a lovely interior is more important. For others, it’s their chance to express themselves to the outside world – or, reflect the inside of their home.

Whether you choose to dress your door up or keep it stripped and simple, the one thing that everyone decides upon is the colour.

The colour of your front door says more about you than you might think. And today, it seems people are starting to move away from the standard brown, black and white, and are moving into the coloured territory. In this article, we’re going to explore the different colours of front doors and what it says about your home.

We’ll start with the most common colours first:

Black Front Doors


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Black is very bold statement for a front door. It looks great paired with white rendering. Black front doors are incredibly modern and, if glossed, look extremely glamorous. A black front door promotes style, but also makes your home appear protected and safe.

White Front Doors


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White is by far the most popular colour for front doors, mainly because a lot of people prefer uPVC for the material. However, a white front door, when paired with white window frames, allows the home to appear calm, simple and clean.

Wood Front Doors


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Wood, when used in homes, is often linked to country cottages – mainly because of its direct link to nature. Having a wooden front door makes your home appear warm, cosy and inviting.

Yellow Front Doors


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Yellow for your front door is a very bold statement. By having a yellow front door, passers-by will think your interior matches; bright and colourful rooms and a lot of plants. Yellow promotes optimism and extraversion. However, if you use too much yellow on your exterior, your home will indicate anxiety and irrationality.

Blue Front Doors

Blue is another popular choice. In particular, navy blue, but a lighter blue is slowly starting to seep into the exterior of many people’s homes. This softer and brighter blue portrays a calmness and truthfulness to your home’s appearance.

Green Front Doors


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Green is a very popular choice – closely following white, black and brown. A lovely olive green makes your home appear peaceful, simple and at one with nature.

Orange Front Doors


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Orange is one of the cheapest colours that you can purchase for your front door. If you have an orange front door, your home may be promoting a frugal lifestyle. However, in most cases, if the colour is bright enough, it’s promoting a happy, weird and fun lifestyle.

Red Front Doors


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Red is quite a bold statement for a front door. It’s not seen very often, but if done right, it can look beautiful with silver hardware. A red front door promotes an exciting lifestyle as it’s quite often linked to action.

Purple/Violet Front Doors


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Many years ago, the colour purple was used to promote wealth and lavish lifestyles. A purple front door implies sophistication within your home.

How to Choose a Front Door Colour

Choosing a front door colour can be difficult. Especially if you want to make a statement. There are a few things to consider before you decide which colour to go with:

  • Having a light colour such as yellow or white, will require more upkeep than a black or blue door. During rainy periods, muck can get splashed up your door. If you have a light-coloured paint, it’ll show up a lot more than dark.
  • Consider your surroundings. Do you want to stand out or blend in? Take a look at your neighbouring houses and see what they’ve chosen. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, perhaps consider following suit.
  • The exterior of your home. Do you have coloured rendering on your home? If so, you might want to consider a colour that would work well with the rendering. If you have cream rendering and you use a white door, there is a high chance that your rendering will look dirty in comparison.

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