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Lorient Acoustic Door Seal Kit

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Acoustic Seal Kit for Internal Doors with Width 636mm to 735mm
Acoustic Seal Kit for Internal Doors with Width 736mm to 835mm
Acoustic Seal Kit for Internal Doors with Width 836mm to 935mm

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Product Description.

The Lorient Acoustic Door Seal Kit from Lorient UK is an exceptional solution specifically designed to enhance the acoustic insulation and overall comfort of your space. Perfect for both single and double leaf doors, this kit is engineered to provide protection against sound, draught, light, and insects, ensuring a more controlled and comfortable environment. For double leaf doors, two packs are required.

Kit Contents:

  1. Lorient LAS8001 SI Drop Seal: Offered in lengths of 735mm, 835mm, or 935mm, this slimline, mortised automatic drop seal features an innovative high-efficiency mechanism. This mechanism conveniently lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened, which significantly reduces door operating forces. It boasts a self-levelling capability on uneven floors and is designed for ease of installation with no need for a power connection.
  2. Lorient Batwing Seal: Included are two 2.1m lengths and one 1m length of the Batwing Seal. This medium-duty, acoustic seal is designed to minimize the resistance of door leaf during opening and closing. The unique curved fins and flexible material allow it to spring back to its original shape, ensuring sustained performance and durability.

Key Features of Components:

Lorient LAS8001 SI Drop Seal:

  • Protects against sound, draught, light, and insects.
  • Designed for durability with a capability of 1 million cycles.
  • Self-levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • Suitable for single swing, single, and double leaf doors, including both right and left-handed doors.
  • Comes with pre-drilled radiused end plates for secure placement.

Lorient Batwing Seal:

  • Ideal for single and double leaf doors.
  • Made with co-extruded rigid back PVC and flexible fins.
  • Acoustic performance rated at BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 (up to Rw 41dB).
  • Proven durability with a minimum of 100,000 cycles.

The Lorient Acoustic Door Seal Kit is an essential addition for anyone seeking to enhance the acoustic quality and comfort of their living or working spaces, offering reliability and long-lasting performance.

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