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Lorient Intumescent Fire, Smoke And Acoustic Seal Kit

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FD30S Kit for 44mm Fire Doors with Width 636mm to 735mm
FD30S Kit for 44mm Fire Doors with Width 736mm to 835mm
FD30S Kit for 44mm Fire Doors with Width 836mm to 935mm

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Product Description.

The Lorient Intumescent Fire, Smoke and Acoustic Seal Kit from Lorient UK is an innovative solution designed to enhance the safety and comfort of any space. This kit is suitable for both single and double leaf doors (where the door's fire certificate allows), offering comprehensive protection against various environmental factors. For double leaf doors, two packs are required.

This kit ensures not only FD30, but FD30S compliance.

Kit Contents:

  1. Lorient LAS8001 SI Drop Seal: Available in lengths of 735mm, 835mm, or 935mm, this slimline, mortised automatic drop seal features a high-efficiency mechanism. It lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened, reducing door operating forces. It is self-levelling on uneven floors and requires no power connection.
  2. Lorient Batwing Seal: This kit includes two 2.1m lengths and one 1m length of the Batwing Seal. It is a medium-duty, acoustic, and smoke perimeter seal with unique, curved fins made from flexible material that springs back to its original shape for ongoing performance and durability.
  3. 15x4mm Lorient Intumescent Strips: The kit comes with two 2.1m lengths and one 1m length of intumescent strips. These are ideal for fire protection where no smoke sealing is required and can be combined with a Batwing seal for acoustic and smoke containment.

Key Features of Components:

Lorient LAS8001 SI Drop Seal:

  • Protects against sound, smoke, fire, draught, light, and insects.
  • Durability of 1 million cycles.
  • Suitable for single swing, single, and double leaf doors.
  • Pre-drilled radiused end plates for secure installation.

Lorient Batwing Seal:

  • Co-extruded rigid back PVC with flexible fins.
  • Acoustic rating: BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010 (up to Rw 41dB).
  • Certifire certified: CF5179.
  • Durability of a minimum of 100,000 cycles.

15x4mm Lorient Intumescent Strips:

  • PVC encased sodium silicate with heavy-duty self-adhesive backing tape.
  • Fire standards compliance: BS EN 1634-1: 2008 & BS 476-22: 1987.
  • Certifire CF330 + CF341.
  • Durability of 1 million cycles.

This comprehensive kit from Lorient UK is designed to offer optimal protection and durability, ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment in any setting.

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