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Streaming service Netflix hasn’t just revolutionised the way we watch TV, it’s made a massive impact on the way TV shows look, too. Whilst shows like Interior Design Masters, Dream Home Makeover and Tiny House Nation overtly offer interior design inspiration, what about those visually striking shows outside the interior design category?

There have always been shows with their own distinctive sense of style. The dark limited palette of Twin Peaks, the fifties fashions of Mad Men. But with Netflix productions, the aesthetic of the show is often as intrinsic as its characters are.

The platform is stuffed with shows whose unusual looks and amazing interiors make them instantly recognisable. From the unmistakable eighties vibe of Stranger Things to the undefinable mix of modern and retro in Sex Education, these are shows with their identity stamped all over every part of their designs.

All these unique styles inspired us to build our own interior mood boards, based on the style and sets of some of Netflix’s most popular series. After all, we’re sure they’ve had some incredible interior designers get to work on their shows.

Here’s a collection of our favourite Netflix shows, picking out the key design choices that could help you bring the essence of these iconic shows into your own home.

1. Sex Education

The Sex Education interior is perfect for those who want it all. Bright spaceman colours and muted autumnal palettes. Vintage mid-century stylings with modern technology. Eighties American high school style and the wilds of the Welsh border.

The magic of Moordale is the way it builds intense connections between the discordant but we’ve taken our inspiration from the Milburn’s chalet home which features more of a set theme. The floral furnishings, the William Morris paper and the wicker furniture work against all odds to create a Seventies style that works brilliantly for the modern morals of the show.

Interior design checklist:

  • floral soft furnishings
  • wicker furniture
  • houseplants
  • wooden flooring
  • artwork

Not the easiest aesthetic to recreate, but we think it’s worth giving a go. Just don’t forget, a true touch of Sex Education chic, you’ll need a liberal scattering of phallic art too.

2. Sweet Tooth

Just like the show takes a post-apocalyptic hellscape and twists it, we’ve picked out the cosy cabin vibe for this interior. Totally tactile, with suede upholstery,  wool blankets and quilting all featured, this is a safe, comfy place to survive the end of the world.

What you need for your design projects:

  • A warm colour pallette
  • Checked fabric
  • Suede and wooden furniture
  • Rugs and blankets
  • Maps

And for anyone who’s concerned, we can assure you the antlers were humanely harvested.

3. The Queen’s Gambit

Leaning towards the ‘grandmillennial’ trend, our Queen’s Gambit interior isn’t scared to show a little chintz. 

Flooded with florals, a riot of pinks and that fabulous four-poster, this is a fiercely feminine bedroom. Tempered with a touch of green and the structure of chequered wallpaper, this is a style for someone who isn’t afraid to teeter on the narrow line between too much and just enough.

Useful tips for creating the style:

  • Pink florals
  • Check wallpaper
  • Four-poster bed
  • Antique French vanity table
  • Vintage ottoman

4. Ratched

Beautiful and brilliant, vibrant blues and greens are the stars of the show in Ratched and our room.

Echoing the halls of St Lucia hospital, with neutral walls punctuated with peacock uniforms, we’ve filled our room with bright furniture and contrasting accessories. Pulling through mid-century furniture, with cool curves and spiked legs the nurse herself would appreciate.

Contrast comes from a few splashes of pink. A gentler take for nervous dispositions who aren’t quite up to the frequent flashes of crimson you see on the screen. 

Get the look:

  • Neutral walls
  • Mid-century furniture
  • Spiked legs
  • Peacock greens

5. Cobra Kai

Traditional Japanese touches dominate our dojo style interior for Cobra Kai.

Key design elements:

  • Shoji screen
  • Japanese lantern
  • Wooden flooring
  • Bonsai tree
  • Low furniture

A carefully cultivated bonsai, a shoji-style screen and floor cushion seating all cement the theme of this interior. A flash of crimson, a legendary crane, build together to create a sense of balance.

6. Bridgerton

The style sense of Bridgerton is so strong, it even coined its own name: Regencycore.

Turning up the volume on the pale pastels usually found in Regency dramas, Bridgerton is not afraid to flaunt its colours. From the beautiful Wedgewood blue of Daphne’s family to the glorious greens of the Featherington household, these are Victorian stylings with plenty of luxurious swag(s).

Add a couple of fainting couches, regency stripes and champagne highlights to suggest a little more Victorian authenticity then complete the look with a gold mirror or gilt edge. We’re sure season 2 will treat us to yet more period-style inspiration.

How to do-it-yourself:

  • Victorian-style wooden furniture
  • Large, gilded mirrors
  • Floral wallpaper
  • Panelled decorative wall mouldings

7. Stranger Things

The Stranger Things style is built on nostalgia, a love letter to the eighties. Or, at least, the aesthetic of American horror films…in the eighties.

Taking our cues from the iconic Byer’s home, we coupled a classic brown couch with the pops of yellow that you see throughout their whole house. We weren’t sure about fairy lights outside of the festive season, but a multi-coloured garland has an all-year appeal. 

Finishing touches here are a retro rotary dial phone and alphabet print, because how else will you communicate with your loved ones when they’re lost in the Upside Down?

Create your distinctive decor:

  • Brown furniture
  • Eighties aesthetics
  • Colourful fairy lights or garland for a modern twist

8. Squid Game

It’s hard to draw comfort from a death game, and our Squid Game-inspired interior takes minimalist chic all the way to the edge of militaristic.

From the sharp lines of the warehouse-reminiscent bed to the stark steel cabinet, this a room that prides function above all. Even the bright, block colours of a childhood playground carry sinister undertones.

A few scattered touches remind us of the luxury at stake, from a polished gold lion that teeters on the edge of tacky and the all-important money box to remind us why we’re climbing out of bed every morning. 

How to be a player:

  • Stark, metal furniture
  • Bright primary colours
  • A touch of gold

We’re not sure how many property owners will be into this one, but if you’re looking to give the iconic titular game a try, we’ve included a rug with the squid game court design on it. Just don’t mind us if we decide to sit this one out.

Discover More Interior Design Secrets from Netflix

It’s not always the best interior design shows that inspire us. There are some extraordinary homes and spaces in so many shows. Of course, this is just a skim across the surface of the many original Netflix productions available to stream on the platform. And so many more have their own ineffable style that you might wish to recreate.

And when you’ve found those key choices that help build your dream design, don’t forget the often-overlooked basics that make or break a room. Picking the perfect light fittings, skirting boards and internal doors can help turn your lovely new room or even your entire home into a masterpiece style.

So next time you’re bingeing your favourite show, watch closely for the interior design secrets you can discover. If you get your next redecoration project right, you could feel like a star of the small screen every day!

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