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It’s one of the best-loved topics on Instagram – more popular even than chocolate and cute animals! We’re talking interior design and there’s a whole world of creativity, ideas and dreamy décor waiting for you on social media.

Even a quick scroll through Instagram will show you plenty of images of other people’s kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. We love to show off our homes and we love to look at what everyone else is doing, for inspiration and through natural nosiness.

Hashtag counts in May 2021 stood at a whopping 121 million for #interiordesign, with #chocolate and #animals trailing at 97m and 82m respectively.

#Homedecor wasn’t far behind with 94.1m uses, while there are millions of posts with the hashtags #homeimprovement and #homerenovation. If you’ve worked hard on doing up your home, why not show off what you’ve done so others can admire it?

During lockdown, we had no choice but to be stuck inside staring at the same four walls, which prompted many people  to change what they saw. In fact, 70% of us spent money on home improvements during lockdown

We’ve Ranked the Most Instagrammable Rooms

  1. garden (total 90532330) overall the garden was the number 1 area, but it’s not a room!
  2. kitchen (total 39046515)
  3. living room (total 24869022)
  4. bedroom (total 19983490)
  5. bathroom (total 16276440)
  6. homeoffice (total 7398000)
  7. kids room (total 6334489)
  8. dining room (total 5082836)
  9. hallway (total 1320687)
  10. summer house (total 632026)
  11. shower (total 205724)
  12. garden room (total 168218)
  13. utility room (total 82951)
  14. downstairs toilet (total 24994)

1. Garden

It’s actually just outside our homes, in our gardens, that the most popular hashtag comes into play. The top three garden hashtags total a whopping 90.5 million between them, with #gardening the most popular at 21.4m posts. If we’ve spent all day mowing, weeding and planting, it’s great to show off the results. Just feel the pride oozing out of the third most popular gardening hashtag, #mygarden.

2. Kitchen

  • The kitchen is all about the decor, so if you want a truly instagrammable home this is where you should focus your interior design budget. Top hashtags include #kitchendesign, #kitchendecor and #kitchenremodel
  • We love our plants too, and showing off about growing our own produce with #kitchengarden inside the top 10 kitchen related hashtags

3. Living Room/Lounge

There are two different ways of talking about this room so this is one of the reasons we totalled the top 3 hashtags for each room to get more accurate results. We’ve been spending a lot of our time (45% of it) in our living rooms, but actually, the living room and lounge added together only ranks second in the most instagrammed rooms in our homes. The most popular inside space to take pictures of and post about is the kitchen.

4. Bedroom

Coming in next in the list of instagrammed rooms is the bedroom with 19.9m hashtags.

  • #bedroomdecor, #bedroomdesign and #bedroominspo are the top hashtags for a dreamy (and shareable) space.
  • #masterbedroom comes in at no 8, but just outside the top 10, #kidsbedroom is a popular hashtag too. Lucky kids, having an instagrammable room at such a young age!

5. Bathroom

  • Coming in at number 5 on the list of instagrammable home spaces is the bathroom.
  • Yes, we even love to show off our bathrooms! #bathroomdesign and #bathroomdecor are top hashtags for this room, so stunning design is a must. 
  • We also love a good #bathroomremodel or #bathroomrenovation, what’s more satisfying than a bathroom glow-up?

6. Home Office

And with so many of us working from home now, the home office has become a whole new concept beyond a laptop on the kitchen table. As we put to use spare bedrooms, dining rooms and sheds, it’s now the sixth most popular home space to post pictures of on Instagram. A leading hashtag for this area is #homeofficeideas, showing how Instagram is a good source of inspiration on how to improve this space in our homes.

Small Rooms Still Count!

And let’s not forget the smallest rooms in the house. While they’re far from the most popular, there are still more than 100,000 hashtags about our utility rooms and downstairs toilets!

So what are people saying about their homes on Instagram? Top hashtags include #kitchenremodel, #kitchendecor, #livingroomfurniture and #livingroomdetails, with #bathroomremodel not too far behind. #Bedroominsp is also popular, along with #kidsbedroom – it seems you’re never too young to have an instagrammable room!

These days, even if you don’t have any visitors, what’s behind those internal doors counts.

Interior Design: Global Style

We can also discover what the most popular global interior design styles are by counting the hashtags. The winner by miles is #scandinavianhome with 1.9m posts, proving that we still love the Scandi style.

  1. #Scandinavianhome 1,900,000
  2. #frenchdecor 163,000
  3. #italianinteriors 30,200
  4. #japaneseinterior 26,300
  5. #mexicandecor 25,400

The French come second with #frenchdecor, beating the Italian, Japanese and Mexican styles. At least #britishinteriors beats #germaninteriors and #spanishinteriors. Any ideas on just what our national style might be, though? 

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