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Hands up who has Pinterest board filled with incredible things that you just can’t wait to make? Here at Express Doors Direct, our hands are most definitely firmly up in the air! We just can’t get enough of crafty DIY projects. There are so many blogs that we love to follow, that it seemed a shame not to share it with our followers…

So, here you have it, our favourite fifteen DIY and craft bloggers. Enjoy:


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Jones Design Company

We just can’t get enough of Emily’s gorgeous blog, or the talented lady herself! This blog is packed to the brim with beautiful tutorials for the house and home. From projects to do with the kids to sneaky fake calligraphy and sequin pillows, you really will be spoiled for choice. Drop in to the “freebies” section for a whole host of printable designs (one member of the team is currently rocking the gorgeous octopus iPhone freebie). Just be warned – there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend all the time you’d like to on this blog.

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Brit + Co

When we need a bit of a brain break, one of the first places we head is Brit + Co. Whether it’s a good old dose of food envy that you’re craving, or you’re hunting for a simple way to update some furniture, a new beauty trick or just in dire need of some inspiration, you’ll find it all here. The posts are compiled by a whole community of talented bloggers which means it’s like reading a tonne of blogs in one go! We’d recommend checking out the tech section for some handy apps that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, and of course the make section has enough tutorials to keep you going through winter.

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A Beautiful Mess

Founded by sisters Elsie and Emma, A Beautiful Mess is a show-stopping blog which features everything from mouth-watering recipes (Nutella cinnamon rolls, raspberry lemonade, and ooey gooey baked pizza bites are just a few of our favourites), craft tutorials, fashion DIY’s, homemade beauty treatments and more! The photography is always just stunning, and the writing style is so easy to follow that it feels like reading a letter from your best friend. Dive in, you won’t regret it!

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Oh Happy Day!

If you have any kind of event coming up (party, wedding, birthday, baby shower, Friday night) don’t do any planning until you’ve visited Oh Happy Day! Jordan, an event-planner, posts up inspiration, tutorials and plans for every kind of soiree under the sun but the fun doesn’t stop there. Free templates (hello, S’mores cubes!), beautiful DIY projects and home décor inspiration are all abound. Your parties will never be the same thanks to Jordan. We’ll keep it our little secret though, right?

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Taylor Made

In her bio, Taylor states that she loves Mexican food and margarita, photography, bright colours, rearranging, decorating and painting; sounds like a women after our own hearts! She’s also mum to two gorgeous boys and a beautiful new baby girl (congratulations!), a wife, and a dedicated crafter – and has time to fill her blog with swoon-worthy DIY projects, delicious recipes, and things to do with the kids (these surfer slacks are adorable). Drop by with a cup of tea for an hour or two and you’ll be itchy to crack on with so many different projects that you won’t know where to start!

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Maker Mama

Mama Maker is the blog of the wonderfully talented Amy Johnson. Her tutorials are on the craftier side of things, but this just makes them all the more adorable. For example, these paper ball ornaments would be great for making with the kids – why not use different papers and decoration for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter? There are plenty of tutorials to keep you and the little ones busy for weeks on end!

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Studio DIY

If you haven’t guessed from the name Studio DIY is the place to go for all things do-it-yourself, particularly when it comes to parties! Kelly is the queen of party inspiration, and her blog is filled with posts designed to inspire you, and help you create and celebrate all those special occasions. Expect gorgeous photography and beautiful tutorials which range in nature from fancy dress costumes to desserts and donut piñatas (there’s a bit of a donut obsession on the blog, you’ll see when you visit). One of our absolute favourites has to be the pineapple costume. So dig in and get decorating!

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Rae Gun Ramblings

Salt Lake city-based blogger and crafter Marissa spends her days sewing and stitching to create the beautiful items on sale in her Etsy shop (if you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, go and visit, we urge you. You won’t be disappointed.) You can expect to find more sewing tutorials than you could shake a wand at, as well as fun crafts for all of the family to get involved with!

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P.S. – I Made This

This is a blog for those how love the more fashion-based DIY’s. Expect to find tutorials for jewellery, clothing, shoes, beauty, lifestyle and more! Revamp your old Converse, embellish that jumper that’s been sitting in the back of your wardrobe for months, and whip up some tasty treats all using tutorials from the blog. You’ll have a new wardrobe in days – what’s not to love?

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A Joyful Riot

If you’re hosting a party, you can bet your bottom dollar that twins Malissa and Machelle have a tutorial for you to make it even better! Their blog is all about celebrating, and making those special moments come alive. Expect free printables for every occasion, party theme ideas and inspiration (someone, throw us this gorgeous picnic birthday party, please?), and beautiful home décor ideas. We’ll warn you now though, once you’ve looked at this blog – every party you’ve ever thrown will pale in comparison and you’ll want to get planning your next event immediately.

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Hello Natural

If you love DIY-ing beauty treatments, healthy recipes, and making your own green cleaning products, then you should bookmark Hello Natural right now. Stuffed with delightful tutorials with range from making your own tasty, tinted, raspberry lip balm to home spa treatments and watercolour scarves we recommend you get the girls (and the guys) round, and spend some time pampering yourself with a little help from Stephanie.

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Lia Griffith

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, decorating ideas, free printables or tutorials, Lia’s blog is the pace to be. Here she shares her wonderful paper-crafting skills with the world. Discover how to make delicate vintage-inspired fans, whip up a batch of metallic orchids, and make paper crowns for special occasions (or when you just really, really need to wear a tiara!) It doesn’t stop there though, Lia also shares mouth-watering recipes and ideas for jazzing up every occasion from anniversaries to baby showers.

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Poppy Talk

Founded in 2005 by husband and wife duo Earl and Jan, Poppy Talk is a collective of bloggers who come together to share their wealth of knowledge. The site itself is beautifully constructed, and the tutorials cover every aspect of your home and lifestyle. From beautiful watercolour mugs which would make a great gift for any friend or family member (hint hint!), to recipes and inspiration  you could easily find yourself lost for hours amongst the articles and guides. When your boss asks why you haven’t got any work done today, don’t blame us!

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