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Sitting at the heart of your home, the kitchen is a functional and social space for many households. Introducing a set of bifold doors can make your kitchen more attractive, versatile and practical. There are many ways to include such doors in your new kitchen, renovation or extension. Let’s discover how folding doors can work for you and your home.

Can you have bifold doors in the kitchen?

white upvc bifold patio doors in kitchen

Yes, bifold doors are a popular choice for kitchens. They can be used as internal doors to separate the kitchen from other rooms, or as exterior doors that open onto a patio or garden. Whether for creating a stylish division or enhancing indoor-outdoor flow, bi fold doors offer versatility and functionality in kitchen spaces.

Why are bifold doors a good investment for your kitchen?

bright kitchen with bifold patio doors

These versatile doors create a continuous flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, and allow plenty of natural light to illuminate your kitchen. Experience improved ventilation and a refreshing atmosphere, perfect for cooking and dining. With folding sliding doors, you gain a flexible living area, ideal for entertaining guests and embracing the beauty of your surroundings. It’s easy to elevate your kitchen with this functional and chic investment.

Bifolding Kitchen Doors: Ideas & Inspiration

There are a multitude of ways to use bifolds in your kitchen, so here are some ideas and inspiration for your remodel or renovation:

Use internal bifold doors for open plan living

Bifold interior doors can be fully opened or closed as you choose. This can help you to create a space that feels like open plan when you’re socialising, but can be closed off for general family life. This is ideal between rooms like the kitchen and dining room or the kitchen and the living room, so you can socialise with guests whilst cooking or serving food.

Add bifold patio doors to bring the outside in

There’s nothing better than a kitchen with a view, and that’s why bifolding door systems are so popular leading from the kitchen into the garden. In the summer you can open them up for ventilation and easy access to the outdoors, making al fresco dining even easier.

Saving space with bi folding doors

Concertina doors can help you to make the most of your kitchen space. Because they fold and slide, you don’t need to allow for the usual opening space around the door. You can even install folding doors to give you easier access to a pantry or storage area.

Choose colour options to enhance your interior

Bi fold doors with white frames can brighten up small or dull rooms. Black and grey frames add a sense of style and help to draw the eye. A wood frame can bring a natural charm and warmth. Select the right colour to add that finishing touch to your décor. Find out more about choosing the right colour.

Select materials that complement the style of your room

Just like colour, the material you choose can help to create that perfect fit. Aluminium doors look great in modern and contemporary homes. Oak and pine options can be more suited to character cottages, traditional and period properties.

Find out more about the difference between aluminium vs upvc bifolds in our dedicated article.

Connect the conservatory

Make the most of all your living space by connecting through to a conservatory or garden room with bifolds. It’s another way to create social space, enhance views and make your home feel bigger.

Enhance a kitchen extension

With a vast variety of sizes and configurations, you can really transform a kitchen extension with a bifold door. If you’re dreaming of a full wall of glazing to show off your garden or a stunning view, a bifold patio door could suit your needs. Did you know we also offer made to measure doors for those custom projects?

Folding Doors in the Kitchen: Your FAQs

black bifold doors in kitchen

Now you know why bifolding doors are so popular for the kitchen and how they can be used. But you might still have some questions about whether they’re the right option for you. Here are some of the queries we’re often asked about installing bi fold doors in the kitchen:

Do you need planning permission to put in bifold doors?

In most cases, installing bifold doors in your home won’t require planning permission as they are usually considered a ‘permitted development’. Whether you’re replacing a door or extending into your garden, you generally won’t need to go through the planning application process. However, we’d always advise checking the specifics before going ahead with your project.

Do I need to follow building regs to install bifold doors?

Yes, building regulations must be met when installing bifolding doors, whether it’s a replacement or a new installation. Bifold doors need to adhere to Part L, which required lower u-values from June 2022. However, the specific building regulations your project needs to adhere to may vary. Make sure to check local regulations to ensure you’re compliant with all the necessary requirements.

How do you fit a bifold kitchen door?

To fit a bifold kitchen door, start by measuring the opening and purchasing a door that fits. Remove the old door and hinges, then align the track and install the pivot brackets. Attach the door panels and make any necessary adjustments for proper alignment. Finally, secure the guide posts and test the door for smooth operation.

Our bifold door systems are designed for professional installation, so we’d recommend employing a qualified and competent joiner to complete the job

What are the disadvantages of bifold doors?

Some of the disadvantages of bi fold doors include high cost, the need for a track which can be more difficult to clean and maintain, lack of a threshold, and numerous frames. These factors should be taken into consideration before opting for bi-fold glass doors.

What are the alternatives to bifold doors?

You can use sliding doors as an excellent alternative to bifold doors. Sliding doors are perfect for small rooms or areas with limited floor space. Unlike bi folding doors, they are less prone to jamming, offering easier daily use and convenience.

Are kitchen bifold doors worth the money?

Yes, bifold doors are definitely worth the investment. They really enhance your home life by allowing more natural light and fresh air into your home. Additionally, they seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of openness. Installing bifolding doors can potentially add value to your property too.

Bi folding Doors in the Kitchen: A Final Word

kitchen with bifolding doors

There are so many benefits to including bi folding doors in your kitchen design. From connecting the indoors and outdoors to saving space and brightening things up, we find that our customers enjoy the transformation and the advantages they gain from making the switch. Open up the possibilities by adding folding doors to your kitchen space today!

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