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Suffolk Oak 2xg Glazed Fire Door

Glazed Fire Doors

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Product Description.

Introducing the Suffolk Oak 2XG Glazed Fire Door – where traditional design meets modern safety and quality. 

Expertly crafted from 0.6mm A-grade American White Oak veneer, with an engineered fire rated core, this door is a testament to timeless elegance.

A key highlight of this door is its single clear glass panel, made from toughened fire-rated safety glass. This not only enhances the door’s aesthetic appeal but also allows natural light to flow through, adding warmth and brightness to any room. More than just a beautiful addition, the door boasts a 30-minute fire rating, providing an essential layer of safety to your home or workplace.

The Suffolk Oak 2XG Glazed Fire Door is thoughtfully designed with a depth of 44 mm, a top rail of 115 mm, a bottom rail of 225 mm, and stiles of 115 mm. It includes solid oak lippings and grooves on all four sides. This careful construction not only enhances the door's structural integrity but also adds to its visual appeal. The door is further adorned with oak beading and inlays, enriching its overall appearance.

Supplied in its natural oak color, this door can also be supplied customized in shades such as Americano, Blanco, Cappuccino, Crema, and Latte, offering a variety of options to match different interior styles - POA. The off-the-shelf product arrives unfinished, giving you the freedom to tailor its look to your personal taste. A full finish is required at home, and beginning with a light sanding using 240g sandpaper is recommended for the best results.

This door features a flush, grooved design with five panels, seamlessly combining aesthetics with functionality. The generous 25-year warranty underscores its reliability and customer satisfaction. For installation, 4" Butt hinges are required.

In keeping with environmental responsibility, the Suffolk Oak 2XG Glazed Fire Door is FSC® certified, ensuring it is made from sustainably sourced materials. The chamfered V-grooves are not just a design choice but also a reflection of the door's fine craftsmanship.

The Suffolk Oak 2XG Glazed Fire Door is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of classic charm, modern functionality, and safety, all while being environmentally conscious. Its robust construction and ability to be customized make it an ideal addition to any residential or commercial space.

What is a fire door?

Fire Doors (FD30 fire rated doors) are doors which are suitable for use in homes or light commercial use. All Express Doors fire doors are 44mm thick and can prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Local authorities recommend that fire doors be positioned between garages and kitchens and/or between kitchens and other rooms. They are also a necessity where risks of fire may be higher and to protect stairwells and hallways in commercial properties such as B&B's.

Technical Specifications
Engineered Solid Core (Heavyweight)
Clear Glass with Frosted Lines
Average Weight
Fire Rating
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