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Worcester White - Clear Glass Fire Door

White Fire Doors

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1981 x 838 x 44mm FD30 Firecheck
Product Description

Our Worcester White Glazed Fire door option, complements the wide range of styles and sizes that the Worcester White Primed Range brings. The standard Worcester Panel door, the Standard Worcester Glazed doors, matched with the Worcester Glazed Fire door and Panelled Fire door gives you a huge suite of doors to choose from that give you the right specification, for the right structural opening, when considering the buildings design and associated risk. This White Glazed Fire door option is an ideal solution where you need light to flow between rooms, but where Building Regulations mean that the door also needs to be fire rated. Supplied with Clear, Fire Rated flat glass, meeting an FD30 30 minute fire door rating.

What is a fire door?

Fire Doors (FD30 fire rated doors) are doors which are suitable for use in homes or light commercial use. All Express Doors fire doors are 44mm thick and can prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Local authorities recommend that fire doors be positioned between garages and kitchens and/or between kitchens and other rooms. They are also a necessity where risks of fire may be higher and to protect stairwells and hallways in commercial properties such as B&B's.

Technical Specifications
Clear Glass
XL Joinery