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Flush Internal Doors

Flush internal doors are a sleek, modern alternative to interior home decor. Typically, flush internal doors are associated with function rather than fashion, that’s why we designed our flush doors to be practical and good looking.

Flush Internal Doors
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PM Mendes Oak Vision - Prefinished Doors

Oak | Fully Finished | PM Mendes Doors
457mm - 838mm / 18" - 33"

From £173.63 - £198.83 inc VAT

PM Mendes Oak Vision 4L - Prefinished Doors

Oak | Fully Finished | PM Mendes Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"

From £278.63 - £705.75 inc VAT

PM Mendes Oak Corsica - Prefinished Doors

Oak | Fully Finished | PM Mendes Doors
457mm - 838mm / 18" - 33"

From £137.25 - £198.75 inc VAT

PM Mendes Oak Cottage Doors

Oak | Unfinished | PM Mendes Doors
457mm - 838mm / 18" - 33"

From £188.63 - £299.93 inc VAT

PM Mendes White Capri Doors

Primed | PM Mendes Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"

From £131.78 - £190.50 inc VAT

Flush Oak Verde Internal Doors by PM Mendes

Oak | Fully Finished | PM Mendes Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"

From £127.50 - £143.25 inc VAT

PM Mendes Corsica Light Grey Laminate Doors

Laminate | Fully Finished | PM Mendes Doors
610mm - 838mm / 24" - 33"

From £191.03 - £254.55 inc VAT

The Express Doors Direct Flush Internal Doors Range

Flush doors are the perfect complement to any striking design elements. If you want a door that doesn’t impose on any statement aesthetics, then look no further.

What is an Internal Flush Door?

A flush door is a type of internal door that's usually simple in appearance. It's made from a solid core with timber facings added to the outside. Expect clean lines and a contemporary look.

The main types of internal flush doors are solid core, hollow core and stave core.

Why Choose Flush Interior Doors?

Internal flush doors are taking the interior decor world by storm for numerous reasons. Their unique design and manufacturing process grants them many more properties that other, more traditional doors lack.

Interior flush doors boast greater sound insulation between rooms, meaning they are great for the transition between entertainment or study rooms. By lacking bespoke and intricate carvings in the door, dirt is also less likely to accumulate on the door. This extends a doors lifespan, as there is no dirt to reside and cause damage to the material’s composition.

The same as the rest of our internal doors range, our flush doors are manufactured with a solid engineered core for increased strength and durability. When it comes to having flush doors within your home, you need not worry about sturdiness.

Styles & Finishes

Our range of internal flush doors includes a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. With so many options to choose from, you will find a fashionable, bespoke flush door to match your home’s decor here at Express Doors Direct. From oak veneer to walnut, hardwood and pine, there are so many door types to choose from.


We have a range of pre-finished flush doors available so that you don’t need to worry about finding the right finish for your door. Our pre-finished doors arrive ready to install with the finest varnish, so your door will be ready maintained and prepared to last.


If you’re more inclined to decorate your door yourself, then we have a selection of white primed internal flush doors for you to choose from. If you want to match your room’s particular aesthetics you may want to varnish or finish your doors to your particular tastes, that’s why we stock a huge selection of primed internal flush doors. They can be easily painted due to their flat design.


Our flush door range comes with an abundance of glazing options. With an unrivalled selection of designs and styles, we won’t be beaten on price or quality.

Choosing glazed internal flush doors allows natural light to flow seamlessly through your home. With their minimalist design, they can also help open up cramped spaces within a building and create more open transitions between rooms.

Unglazed options are great for increasing privacy to bedrooms and bathrooms.


Whether you're looking for unfinished oak, white, black or even charcoal grey, you'll find a stylish option here. You can also paint our unfinished flush doors to match other items in your house.

Fire Doors

For extra fire protection, you'll find that most of our beautiful range is also available as a fire door. Choose from FD30 or FD60 fire ratings.

Whatever new doors you're after, there's sure to be something to suit your interior design style. Choose your door handles and hinges for the finishing touch.


Our primed and fully finished internal flush doors are available in a variety of sizes. From 1981 x 304 x 35mm, our flush door sizes go up to 2040 x 926 x 44mm. Not everybody’s home is built the same, and we understand that many door frames are different from the rest. That’s why we stock a huge range of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit.

Are Flush Doors More Expensive?

Usually, flush doors actually cost less than doors constructed from panels. They're generally easier to produce so they come with a lower price tag, giving you plenty of value for money.

Why hesitate, buy your new flush doors today!

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