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How to Store Your New Internal Doors

When refurbishing a room or a whole house, doors can be an unnecessary obstruction to the progress of work. Therefore, between receiving your delivery and fitting your doors, there may be a period of time when you need to store them before installation.

Replacing internal doors, whether due to damage, wear or tear or simply because you’re wanting to make your home your own is a process which requires a little planning to ensure that you get the right finish.

Inspect Your Doors on Delivery

new doors delivery

Photo by Stephane YAICH on Unsplash

Your doors are packed for dispatching with packing and padding to prevent scuffs and damage. However, sometimes damage can occur in transit. It is therefore advisable to thoroughly check over your doors when you receive them. Remove packaging, including cardboard corner protectors. Note, if you intend to store the door for a long time, keep the door sealed in its polythene wrapper to prevent water damage.

Having satisfied yourself that the internal door is unblemished, please then replace all packaging. It is important that you do this because doing so will prevent damage which may occur in the interim whilst you wait until you are ready to hang your door. This is particularly crucial if you are storing the door in a corridor or an area of high traffic as it will reduce the risk of dust, dirt, paint splashes and collision damage.

If you have purchased unfinished doors you will need to take extra care. Because the wood is untreated it is particularly susceptible to warping. Keeping your door watertight until you are ready to treat and hang the door will prevent water damage.

Storing Your New Internal Doors

If you’re not planning on hanging your new doors immediately, then you should be sure to store them properly to avoid damaging them beforehand.

Do store your door:

  • Horizontally
  • In packaging
  • On a dry/flat floor

Do Not store your door:

  • Vertically – can cause the door to bow/may tip over
  • In a room which has just been plastered – excess moisture in the room will warp the door


Whilst it may be tempting to store doors upright to save space by placing your door against a wall, doing so can cause the wood to bow through the strain involved. It is therefore advisable to rest doors on their long edge, or if possible to lie the door flat; this will avoid excessive strain to the door.

How to Treat Your New Internal Doors

brushes for treating new wooden doors

Before you hang your door, you should decide how to treat it. This is only necessary if you’ve purchased unfinished doors, which will need treating with a preservative or sealant that will prevent the door from warping once in situ. Creating a consistent finish throughout your home gives continuity and elegance to your home.

When it comes to treatments there are a number of options available. Many people opt for painting internal doors with a plain white gloss finish. You will need to paint your door with primer before applying paint. You will then require an undercoat, unless your gloss paint does not require one.

Painting is relatively easy to maintain and doors can be cleaned with sugar soap if they become discoloured. If you ever decide you want to stain or varnish the door you need only strip off the old paint and you can apply an alternative finish.

For more information about how to paint your doors, please see our specific blog.

Alternatively, you can stain the door. There a vast number of colour tones available ranging from dark mahogany through to a light pine. Stains look great when first applied but should not be used if you plan on stripping the door back to natural at any time in the future as stain actually soaks into the wood and so can be extremely difficult to remove.

Finally, you may choose to varnish your door. Varnish allows the beauty of the wood’s natural textures to come through whilst protecting it with a varnished finish. Varnish is available in clear, antique or dark tones with the option of matt, silk or gloss finish.

Varnish looks great but needs to be reapplied to keep it looking fresh. It is relatively easy to sand the varnish over should you to re-varnish from scratch or to apply a different finish, such as paint.

Storing your new internal doors carefully and safely will preserve them for hanging at a later date, ensuring against costly damage and replacements in the interim.

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