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Pattern 10 Cosmos Black Fire Door

Black Fire Doors

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1981 x 762 x 44mm FD30 Firecheck
Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days
1981 x 838 x 44mm FD30 Firecheck
Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days
Product Description.

The Pattern 10 Cosmos Black Fire Door epitomizes the fusion of contemporary style and rigorous safety standards, expertly crafted by the artisans at XL Joinery. 

Each fire door is hand-finished to a furniture-grade satin sheen at their UK Headquarters, ensuring not only an attractive appearance but a finish that speaks to the dedication to quality.

This door, presented in a chic Cosmos Black, boasts a modern 1 panel shaker style, featuring the ever-popular Pattern 10's recessed panel design. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetic makes a powerful statement, designed to complement and enhance the interiors of a range of homes, from urban apartments to country abodes.

Constructed with an engineered solid core, the Pattern 10 Cosmos Black Fire Door is built for strength, durability, and increased fire resistance. Its FD30 rating certifies that it can contain a fire for up to 30 minutes, offering critical protection and allowing essential time to react in emergency situations.

Available in the most sought-after sizes in the UK, this fire door variant provides a seamless fit for standard and bespoke openings alike, ensuring suitability for a wide array of property layouts while meeting both aesthetic and practical safety considerations.

As an FSC Certified product, this fire door carries the mark of responsible forestry, ensuring that the timber used in its construction comes from well-managed forests. This full chain of custody certification aligns with XL Joinery's commitment to environmental stewardship, offering peace of mind to those who are environmentally conscious.

The Pattern 10 Cosmos Black Fire Door is not just a functional element designed to safeguard occupants but also a stylish addition to any property, embodying XL Joinery's promise of safety, elegance, and responsible manufacturing.

What is a fire door?

Fire Doors (FD30 fire rated doors) are doors which are suitable for use in homes or light commercial use. All Express Doors fire doors are 44mm thick and can prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Local authorities recommend that fire doors be positioned between garages and kitchens and/or between kitchens and other rooms. They are also a necessity where risks of fire may be higher and to protect stairwells and hallways in commercial properties such as B&B's.

Technical Specifications
Fully Finished
Engineered Solid Core (Heavyweight)
No Glass
Average Weight
Fire Rating
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